Hubby’s breakfast #052: Breads from Maison Kayser

Breads from Maison Kayser

Seems like hubby’s tastebuds are becoming more gourmet. Without giving him any background on these artisan breads, I asked him, “Nice or not?”

His reply, “Very nice! These breads taste very different. Where did you buy them?”

Answer: The new French boulangerie Maison Kayser from Paris at Scotts Square. The Singapore branch is opened by Shu Kimura, who runs Maison Kayser’s outlets in Japan.

Prices of Maison Kayser’s artisanal breads are definitely on the upscale side. Just these 4 breads alone cost S$11.20! But judging by the crowds at Maison Kayser’s modest-sized bakery cafe, it seems that Singaporeans are willing to pay for good bread.

A breakdown of the above items and prices:

  1. Petit raisin Danish – $1.70
  2. Chocolate croissant – $2.80
  3. Walnut bread – $3.40
  4. Yuzu bread – 3.30

The croissants were good. The exterior was very crisp and light, while the innards were buttery and flaky.

But much more interesting texture-wise were the walnut and yuzu loaves. The founder of Maison Kayser — Eric Kayser — is famous for his natural fermentation method. The rustic-style loaves had slightly crisp crust with soft, chewy insides. The dough had exceptional complexity and depth.

Like hubby said, Maison Kayer’s breads taste very different. They have that brilliant quality that’s full of character.

Maison Kayser
6 Scotts Road
#B1-09 Scotts Square
Singapore 228209
Tel: +65 6636 3672

Open daily: 8am to 10pm