Hubby’s breakfast #051: Steamed buns from Crystal Jade

Steamed buns

Outside Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at level 2 of Great World City is a kiosk selling Crystal Jade dimsum. I bought these buns there after brunch on Sunday.

BBQ Pork with Preserved Beancurd Sauce Roll 南乳烧腩卷, S$1.50

This kong bak bao 扣肉包 (soy-sauce braised pork belly bun) look-alike is rather hefty. I thought it would be very tasty, but the flavor of the pork belly was surprisingly muted. It tasted nothing like kong bak bao.

Sandwiched together with the meat was a slice of steamed yam. The entire bun was rather dry.

Cream Custard with Salted Egg Yolk Bun 流沙包, S$1.20

I have very fond memories of this item at Crystal Jade Dining IN. This takeaway version is about double the size of the dainty ones served in the restaurant.

Because of its bigger size, the dough skin was a lot thicker. The dough-to-custard ratio was also higher (meaning: less custard = not as satisfying). Also, it seems that the salted egg yolk custard here was grittier and not as smooth.

Don’t think I’ll be buying these takeaway buns again. The pork bun is too plain for our liking, whereas the custard bun is better enjoyed in its mini version at the restaurant.



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    I love the Cream Custard with Salted Egg Yolk Bun… so silky smooth the savoury, yolky cream that spills out and begs to be licked up while it’s hot… Yums! 😀