UCA Cassava Chips – Original & Grill BBQ

Sample pack of UCA Cassava Chips (15 gm)

Last week, when I went to my friendly neighborhood 7-Eleven to get some stuff, I was given this free sample pack of chips.

Turns out that it’s one of my favorite munchies — tapioca chips! Locally, we refer to it as tapioca, but it’s also known as cassava.

Cassava Chips - Grill BBQ flavor

The texture was nice, but I didn’t quite like the BBQ seasoning. It has a smoky, sweet-salty flavor. Maybe because I’m used to the traditional kind where I can taste the original flavor of the fried tapioca.

UCA Cassava Chips - Original Flavor, S$2.30 (120 gm)

Then I saw Keropokman’s post. Besides BBQ, there’s also Original and Hot & Spicy. So I went to get the Original to try it out (didn’t get Hot & Spicy cos I don’t like Hot & Spicy chips).

Crunch, crunch...

I definitely prefer the Original. Unlike the BBQ flavor, you can taste the true flavor of the tapioca.

Usually, the tapioca chips we get are those no-brand type that come in big plastic bags. Hubby and I like to go to this stall in Tanjong Pagar market which sells many kinds of old-school biscuits and chips. There’s also this makeshift stall opposite Amoy Street Food Centre — outside Pho 99 — that sells all kinds of junk snacks. These two stalls are very popular with cubicle rats working in the vicinity.

Compared to the generic kind, UCA Cassava Chips are less greasy and salty. They also taste fresh (sometimes, the no-brand kind has a stale oil taste), and feel thinner and lighter in texture.

This is certainly a nice, new product from the supermarket shelf. Wouldn’t mind getting the Original Flavor again!