Thai To Go

Tired of delivery pizza and fast food, we thought we’d try something different for a change. So we decided to go Thai!

Dinner is delivered!

Ordering was a hassle-free affair. Their website is easy to navigate, and the menu clearly lists the food items — illustrated with photos — and prices.

We were told that our order would arrive in 60 to 90 minutes, but it arrived in about 50 minutes. The food was packed in microwaveable containers, with the soup container tightly sealed in cling wrap to prevent spillage. But our food was still warm, so there wasn’t any need to heat it up.

Everyone's Favorite Pineapple Rice, S$5.50

As the pineapple rice is a Chef’s Recommendation, we decided to try it. Sorry to say, it was our least favorite dish.

What was most disappointing was the overly sweet and clumpy rice grains. There wasn’t much ingredients, except for some frozen mix vegetables, cashew nuts, and chicken floss. Hubby said the overall taste was rather artificial.

Tom Kha Seafood, S$6.95 (small)

Thankfully, the other 2 items were much better! We enjoyed the Tom Kha Seafood soup very much. Think of it as tom yum soup with a light addition of coconut milk.

The silky broth was a good balance of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. It was very mild, which suited us fine. But those who like it hot might find that it doesn’t have enough kick.

In this portion was 2 prawns, 2 pieces of squid, 2 pieces of fish, as well as some tomato wedges, onion, and straw mushroom.

Stuffed Chicken Wings, S$4.00 (2 pieces)

We liked the chicken wings very much, too! The exterior wasn’t too oily and remained delightfully crispy. Within was a tasty stuffing of minced chicken meat and glass noodles. There seemed to be a citrusy hint of kaffir lime leaf infused in the meat paste.

2 out of 3 — well, that wasn’t too bad. We might give Thai To Go another go. The food is just average, but it’s an affordable alternative to the usual delivery pizza and fast food.

Take note: Portions are on the small side. There’s a flat S$3.00 delivery charge. Depending on location, the minimum order ranges from S$10.00 to S$35.00.

Thai To Go
Order hotline: 63 96 96 96

Open daily: 10:45am to 9.15pm
Go to their FaceBook page for updates.