Garrett Popcorn (Resorts World Sentosa)

After Coffee Bean and Hershey’s, we needed to make one final stop before heading home — Garrett Popcorn!

Garrett Popcorn @ Resorts World Sentosa

There are now about 10 Garrett Popcorn outlets in Singapore, but this outlet at Resorts World Sentosa will always hold a special place in my heart. Why? Because this is where I became a popcorn convert!

Popcorn galore!

Once you step in, you’ll immediately be seduced by the intoxicating scent of buttery caramel popcorn!

Available sizes

Here are the different sizes available. I wonder if anyone has bought the 6.5 gallon tin. It can cost up to S$320 for the most pricey CaramelCrisp with almond, macadamia, or cashew! Would you pay S$320 for popcorn?

Flavors and prices

Prices start from S$4.00 for plain or buttery popcorn. The bestselling flavors are their signature CaramelCrisp and The Chicago Mix, which is a mixture of CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn.

The Chicago Mix (starts from S$8.00 for small bag)

The first time I ate Garrett’s popcorn, I was amazed by how big and round the popped kernels were. The texture seemed lighter and fluffier too. They also seemed to have less of a noticeable hull, which made them not as rough or tough to chew.

Later, I discovered the secret to this amazing deliciousness, thanks to David Lebovitz’s article. Garrett Popcorn uses two kinds of popcorn kernels — mushroom and butterfly. The “mushroom” popcorn kernel has a rounded head like a ball, and has a compact texture. The “butterfly” kernel splits into wings, and its crevices allow the caramel to settle in and crisp up.

Another reason why Garrett Popcorn tastes especially good is because they don’t stint on flavor! I especially like CaramelCrisp. With hints of burnt smokiness, it’s intensely sweet, buttery, and lightly salty.

Garrett Popcorn FTW!

After trying different flavors, our favorite remains the signature Chicago Mix. The CaramelCrisp is too sweet on its own, but here, it balances out nicely with the sharp cheddar saltiness of CheeseCorn. Be warned, this is dangerously addictive stuff!

Garrett Popcorn
(adjacent to Hershey’s, next to Universal Studios entrance)
Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore
Tel: +65 6884 6728

Mon – Thu: 11am to 10pm
Fri – Sun: 10am to 10pm

Click here for full listing of Garrett Popcorn outlets in Singapore.