Full month package from Choz Confectionery

For Matilda’s full month celebration, we wanted to keep things low-key with just a simple celebration with our immediate family. But Mother-in-law wanted to give full month cakes to some of her relatives and friends, and hence tasked me with the responsibility of ordering them.

With a short notice of just 3 days, Choz Confectionery was able to accept our small order. We went for their most popular “Standard Deluxe” package.

Cute design!

This is what the box looks like. Each box has a custom-printed sticker that announces the names of the baby and parents. This service is included in the package price. Complimentary baby cards (with baby’s photo) are also provided, but we placed our order too late for them to print the cards.

Lifting the lid...

Here’s what it looks like when you lift the lid. It certainly looks very presentable!

Standard Deluxe package (with chocolate cake), S$12.80

For the “Standard Deluxe” package, there’s a choice of chocolate cake (S$12.80) or marble cake (S$11.80). Also included are two red eggs, two ang ku kueh, and two custard cup cakes.

Their staff advised us to consume the cakes within one day without refrigeration, or to refrigerate and consume it ASAP as no preservatives are used.

Chocolate fudge cake

We picked the chocolate cake because it seemed like a nice change from the usual marble cake that comes with many full month cake packages.

Even before we tasted it, the chocolate cake smelled tantalizing! It was made up of one layer of chocolate sponge and another layer of chocolate fudge. The sponge was dense, but very fine, soft and moist. The fudge layer had the texture of smooth, firm jelly.

Overall, the cake had a rich, chocolatey taste that wasn’t too sweet. It tasted great even when served straight from the fridge!

Custard cup cake

The custard cup cake was a tiny chocolate sponge cake (enough for just two small bites!) topped with firm set custard and whimsically garnished with red gel and biscuit stick. The chocolate fudge cake was more delicious, but the cup cake was definitely more eye-catching!

The ang ku kueh was quite fresh, but taste-wise, it was just passable.

Comparing to full month packages offered by other confectioneries, prices here are on the higher end. But we were happy with their quality. The cakes were fresh and delectable, and the items were beautifully presented. As long as our relatives and friends enjoyed the pastries, then it’s $$ well spent!

Choz Confectionery
Blk 18 Toh Yi Drive #01-105
Singapore 900185

Order hotline: +65 6235 2281
URL: www.chozconfectionery.com

Mon to Fri: 9.30am – 5pm
Sat & Sun: 9.30am – 12pm



  1. Betty says

    Very nice gift box. I use to pass out red eggs and roast pork and pickle ginger with red steam baos with red bean filling. It for all family memebers and later sweet and sour pig feets with ginger and eggs.