Meals during maternity stay @ SGH

Food first, baby later!

And so I’m back at Singapore General Hospital for a 3-day 2-night stay. The last stay was a pregnancy-related health scare; but this time, I’m here for a happy reason.

Class B1 ward patients have the flexibility of choosing from Western, Chinese, and Muslim/Indian menus (subject to dietary restrictions). Maternity ward patients can also have the confinement menu. But I tried their confinement lunch and dinner on Day 1 — not nice! So Day 2 onwards, I ordered from the Chinese and Western menus.

Day 2 breakfast was American-style pancakes from Western menu. Tastes exactly like McD’s hotcakes! Sorry no pics, cos no camera.

Lunch (Chinese soft diet) - Teochew fish porridge

Surprisingly, this fish porridge was very more-ish! Cooked in light but flavorful stock, the rice grains were soft but still whole. There were generous amounts of fish fillet, silken tofu cubes, fresh choy sum 菜心, dried seaweed, and tomato wedges. Pepper and sliced red chilli in soy were provided to spice things up. Dessert was fresh honeydew slices.

Tea break - Pumpkin flan & warm Milo

Not-too-sweet pumpkin puree in shortcrust pastry flan. A much welcomed afternoon snack!

Dinner (Full Western diet) - Garlic herbs roast chicken

First course – cream of sweetcorn soup. Not artificially thickened with starch. Instead, it was robust with natural sweetness of corn. Nice!

The garlic and herbs from the roast chicken smelled tantalizing! Pity the meat was slightly dry, but the delicious gravy provided moisture. The roast potatoes were slightly underdone, but otherwise tasty. Side veggies was a generous heap of stir-fried cabbage.

Dessert was plain yogurt with fresh banana dices. Yum!

Breakfast (Chinese soft diet) - Fried carrot cake

Day 3 Chinese breakfast was a tough choice between vegetarian fried beehoon (full diet) and fried carrot cake (soft diet). Finally picked the latter because I was curious as to what hospital chai tow kway would taste like!

Well, it certainly tastes more appetizing than it looks. The rice cakes were somewhat clumpy, probably because little oil was used in the frying process. But despite being less oily and salty than its hawker counterpart, it smelled and tasted scrumptious! Wouldn’t mind having it again!

Lunch (Western full diet) - Fish & chips

Cos Mom-in-law had prepared confinement food for me, hubby had this meal instead.

First course – some kind of tomato-veggie soup. That’s all that hubby remembered.

I sampled the fish & chips. As the food was transported in a plastic food cover, the trapped steam had caused the fried stuff to lose some of its crispness.

But the fish and chips still tasted very good. The batter was light and not too thick, and the fish was thick and moist. The chips were no longer crispy, but they weren’t soggy or oily. Portions were very generous. Even hubby couldn’t finish the meal.

Once again, very impressed with the meals I had. They used less oil and seasoning, but didn’t compromise on flavor and presentation.

In fact, the food in the ward tastes way better than the food sold in SGH foodcourt. Hubby was very amused that part of the reason I was looking forward to my hospital stay was the food!



  1. says

    You are AMAZING, Julia! You can still take such great pics after giving birth. I, on the other hand, was half-dead on all 3 occasions. :p

  2. Betty says

    Congratulations! How wonderful a little girl in the family. I will seeing soon my second daughter getting marry and my youngest daughter just turn 21 year old. I have 3 daughters all grown up fast. One thing that change is less mother and daughters outing in shopping just now eating out or together at home now.

  3. Amy says

    Dear Julia,
    My mother Betty enjoy reading your blog very much. I am the second daughter now engaged to marry soon. My older sister got married a year and half ago. When after birth of a child in hospital in San Francisco Children they give a candlelight dinner for new father and mother together in the room. It a very nice French meal with champagne. All mothers receive lot diapers formulas, bottles and some clothing for baby like my first t shirt which mother kept and took lot pictures of us wearing each month to show how much we grown in it.
    I love my first blanket the hospital gave too.