AsiaMalls Food On Parade: Cooking Up A Storm! Grand Finals

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For those of you who have been following AsiaMalls’ Cooking Up A Storm! cooking contests, here’s the report on the Grand Finals held at Liang Court on Saturday, 25 June 2011.

During the preliminary rounds, all teams were given one mystery ingredient to create a dish in one hour with a S$20 budget.

For the Grand Finals, the competition was made more challenging. Teams had to prepare not just one, but 2 dishes (appetizer/main course/dessert) in 90 minutes with a S$50 budget. Also, they had to include 3 out of 6 mystery ingredients in those 2 dishes. The mystery ingredients were:

  1. sambal prawn chilli (Malaysia)
  2. X.O. sauce (Hong Kong)
  3. Hsin Chu rice vermicelli (Taiwan)
  4. rice cake slices (Korea)
  5. tamarind paste (Thailand)
  6. miso paste (Japan)


To snag the grand prize, the 6 teams would have to impress the panel of judges, comprising:

  1. celebrity chef Eric Teo
  2. Chef Chang of Shin Yeh Restaurant
  3. Miss Stephanie Ho – GM of AsiaMalls


Team 1 was the winners from Hougang Mall.


The mother-and-daughter team whipped up braised pork rib with bittergourd and spicy tofu, which they respectively named 苦尽甘来 and 幸福.


Team 2 (Tiong Bahru) was long-time pals Vincent and Guat Khong.


Working at top speed, they swiftly cut a fresh pineapple into a serving bowl for their dish. These two men were so deep in concentration they didn’t even stop to chat with Chef Eric Teo when he stopped by their station.


It was clear that Team 3 (Century Square) – Regana Zara and Veron Goh – were having a good time as they joked with each other during the cooking process.


They used Hsin Chu rice vermicelli for both their main course and dessert. Regana created a prawn dish for the main course, while Veron used rice vermicelli to make a balsamic-infused strawberry dessert. Will they win over the judges with their creativity and use of fresh fruit?


Team 4 – the husband-and-wife team from Tampines 1 – presented an appetizer and main course. The former was mushroom soup, which they christianed Mushroomlicious. Their main course was an ambitious creation of chicken prepared 3 ways – wrapped miso chicken, sambal chicken with pork, and X.O. chicken.


The mother-in-law and son-in-law team from Liang Court decided to go the comfort food route with wholesome pork rib with lotus root soup and belly-warming spicy fried rice vermicelli.


Team 6 (White Sands) presented a beautifully arranged dish of prawn and rice vermicelli for their starter.


90 minutes flew by in a flash, and it was time for the teams to present their dishes to the judges.


While the judges deliberated, the audience were treated to a rousing Taiko Drum (Japanese drum) performance.

Finally, it was time to announce the champions of the cook-off! Drum roll, please…


And the winning team of Cooking Up A Storm! Grand Finals is the husband-and-wife team from Tampines 1! The judges were truly impressed with their stunning main course of chicken done 3 ways.

For their effort, the proud new parents won S$2,000 worth of AsiaMalls shopping vouchers!


The other 5 teams did not go away empty-handed. For their hard work, each team received S$500 worth of shopping vouchers.

Besides great prizes, the teams left with the wonderful experience of having taken part in such an exciting cooking contest for the first time.

It was really fun covering AsiaMalls Food On Parade 2011 events. Hope to see more such events organized in future!

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