Hubby’s breakfast #046: Homemade buns!

Freshly baked buns!

Ok, these may not be the best-looking buns, but they tasted pretty good for a 4th attempt at bread making! Last week, hubby bought me a bread making machine. A smart investment on his part, since he’s the main beneficiary of said purchase! Anyway, I’ve longed toyed with the idea of getting one. The primary… 

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Hubby’s breakfast #045: Loh mai gai & siew mai from Teck Kee Tanglin Pau

From left: Loh mai gai (S$1.50) & siew mai (S$0.70)

There’s something rather nostalgic about this kind of loh mai gai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken / 糯米鸡) in takeaway tin-foil bowls. I remember having this quite often at recess time during my secondary school days. Those days, it cost only S$0.70 at my school canteen! Of course, this style of loh mai gai isn’t… 

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