AsiaMalls Food On Parade: Masterclass with Chef Daniel Koh @ Century Square

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Mention Taiwan, and images of night markets and delicious street food spring to mind!

From now till 26 June 2011, the level 1 atrium in Century Square has been transformed into a mini Taiwanese “night market”. Popular Taiwanese street food like braised pork bun, suncake 太阳饼, fried chicken cutlet, and milk tea are just some of the mouthwatering treats available!

To tie in with the theme of Taiwanese cuisine, Century Square specially invited Chef Daniel Koh of Chef Daniel’s Kitchen to conduct a masterclass on Saturday, 18th June 2011. Chef Daniel has more than 40 years of culinary experience. Prior to joining Chef Daniel’s Kitchen as culinary advisor, Chef Daniel Koh helmed numerous prestigious local hotels and restaurants.  He is best known as one of Singapore’s top chefs when it comes “East-meets-West” style of cuisine.

A familiar face on local TV and media, Chef Daniel’s popularity was evident when the workshop attendees welcomed him with eager anticipation and applause. Besides the fully-signed up class, there was also a huge crowd watching from the sides.

Here are the ingredients for the demo. Guess what dish Chef Daniel was going to whip up?

It’s stewed pork knuckle!

One handy tip from Chef Daniel: Although stewed pork knuckle is meant to be dark brown in color, go easy on the soy sauce seasoning. If the pork knuckle turns out too dark, it would look less appealing.

Another tip: Know the size of your pot before buying the pork knuckle. This sounds like it’s stating the obvious, but there are indeed some novices who forget this basic rule. It’s important to use a vessel of the right size. Otherwise, you might end having to cut up the meat to fit into the pot. This would affect the cooking time and overall presentation.

As the pork knuckle takes 3 hours to cook and achieve that melt-in-the-mouth texture, Chef Daniel brought along a batch that had been cooked in advance. The delicious aroma of the stewed pork drove everyone wild with anticipation as Chef Daniel and his assistant dished out piping-hot tasting portions for the participants.

There was a hushed silence for the next 5 minutes, because everyone was enjoying their tasting portions. Having absorbed the flavors of the spices and the gravy, the stewed pork was extremely juicy and tasty. It was extra sinful with a thin layer of smooth fat. All that’s missing was a bowl of plain rice!

The next dish was a stir-fry of cabbage and dried shrimp. Flavorful and nutritious, this quick and easy-to-cook dish makes a complete meal with stewed pork knuckle and rice.

For this segment, Chef Daniel asked for a volunteer to help with the cooking. There was a ripple of excitement among the audience, especially the ladies!

The second completed dish! Again, the attendees received tasting portions.

It was clear that the audience just couldn’t get enough of the charming Chef Daniel!

Besides answering all their culinary questions, Chef Daniel also obliged his fans’ requests for photoshoots. Everyone had a wonderful time at the masterclass, leaving with big smiles on their faces!

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