Hubby’s breakfast #041: Old-school coconut buns

Coconut buns

How many of you still buy these old-school buns? Compared to fancy breads and buns from chain bakeries, Japanese-style boulangeries, and European artisan bread shops, these old-fashioned buns sold in heartland bakeries seem very unsophisticated. But still, we like them!

Just pull out a bun when you wanna eat one!

These buns are typically sold as six buns baked into a rectangle. When you want one, just gently pull a bun from the block. Each pack of six buns ranges between S$1.80 to S$2.20, which is dirt-cheap compared to prices in upmarket bakeries.

Shredded coconut cooked in brown sugar

Besides coconut — grated coconut cooked in brown sugar — other fillings to choose from commonly include: red bean paste, kaya, and more recently, yam paste. Which is your favorite? 🙂



  1. Betty says

    Here only Filipino bakeries make this type of pastry with the brown sugar. Chinese bakeries never have it in San Francisco

  2. says

    Never ate coconut buns filled with grated coconut with brown sugar…usually the baker using white sugar…but our traditional snacks always use grated coconut with brown sugar for filling…your posting makes me want buy coconut old school bread…nyamm

  3. janalin says

    Hi Julia
    first of all, thank you for your highly imformative and interesting blog. I just love the variety you cover.
    Much as I enjoy reading your coconut buns, I was wondering if somewhere down the road, you plan to do a coconut tart piece, yeah, the old school ones found in Chinese confectionaries too.
    my hubbs, who is usually a non-dessert person, surprisingly ONLY eats coconut tarts. He just LOVES them.
    Thank you again and please excuse me for being so forward as to request for a coconut tart writeup.

    • says

      Hi janalin,

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog. 😀 And guess what? My hubby loves Chinese-style coconut tarts, too! So yes, there will probably be a coconut tart write-up sometime soon. 🙂

  4. says

    There’s something terribly nostalgic about those shredded brown coconut bits falling out of a bun that’s just been gently broken into two. One bite, and one is walking down memory lane again. 🙂