Sunny Seafood White Bee Hoon

As I browsed the stalls in Redhill Lane food centre, this one caught my attention. In the sea of usual hawker fare such as chicken rice, fried kway teow, and fried Hokkien mee, a stall that specializes in white bee hoon is an anomaly. Of course, I had to check it out.

Seafood white bee hoon, S$3.50

Rather similar to the concept of fried Hokkien prawn mee, white bee hoon is stir-fried and then simmered in stock. It’s served with fish fillet, prawn, squid, cai xin, and egg. Unlike economic bee hoon (usually sold during breakfast and lunch) that’s pre-fried, white bee hoon is cooked to order.

First impressions: This seafood white bee hoon was certainly a refreshing change from the usual hawker dishes. But somehow, it lacked a certain wow factor. Perhaps I was expecting the bee hoon to have more wok hei (wok breath), and for the noodles to have soaked up more of that stock. The stock, while tasty, could have had more depth.

On the whole, the dish — light, not greasy, and well-balanced in flavor — made for a pleasant meal. The ingredients were sufficiently fresh, though the fried fish fillets most probably came from a frozen source.

Fishball (2 for S$0.50), fishmeat toufu (S$0.80), fishmeat taupok (S$0.80)

Fishball (2 for S$0.50), fishmeat toufu (S$0.80), fishmeat taupok (S$0.80)

Deep-fried fishball, taukwa (firm beancurd) and taupok (beancurd puff) stuffed with fish paste are also available as sides to go with the seafood white bee hoon.

The taupok was most fun to munch on, because of its light and crispy outer skin. Pity about the fish paste, which tasted rather processed. For fishmeat taupok and taukwa, my favorite stall is Foo Kee Famous Deep Fried at Zion Riverside Food Centre.

Stall facade

Business was pretty good during dinnertime. Will we be seeing more white bee hoon stalls in hawker centres soon? More variety and innovation in the hawker scene is certainly welcome!

Sunny Seafood White Bee Hoon
Sunny 海鲜白米粉
Blk 85 Redhill Lane
#01-69 Redhill Food Centre
Singapore 150085

Open: 10am to 10pm, closed Wed



  1. says

    Wow how big and loud the “bai mee fen” is on the signboard! 😀
    Pity it’s not quite as robust, but looks like a nice, light alternative to the usual greasy fried fare!