Hubby’s breakfast #036: Leong Sang Hong Kong Pastries

Chicken bun 鸡肉餐包 & egg tart 蛋挞, both items S$1.00 each

No trip to Leong Sang is complete without their signature egg tart!

Chicken bun, cross-sectioned

But for breakfast, hubby needs something more substantial. That’s where the chicken bun comes in.

The sweetish filling tastes much like char siew, except it’s made with diced chicken. Although it doesn’t seem like much, the amount is adequate. The bread, soft and airy, managed to keep its moistness till the next morning when I reheated it in the microwave for breakfast.

Egg tart, cross-sectioned

By the next morning, the egg tart crust had lost its crispness, but was good enough for an unfussy morning brekkie. See my review on Leong Sang’s egg tart here.

Besides egg tart, Leong Sang also has a wide variety of baked Hong Kong pastries like pineapple bun 菠萝包, wife biscuit 老婆饼, and char siew puff 叉烧酥.

This year, prices have gone up to S$1.00 each for all items. Good news is, all items are priced to clear at S$0.80 each after 5.30pm daily. That’s a real steal, but you also run the risk of some items being sold out.

Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries
18 Sago Street
Tel: +65 62211344

Open daily: 8am to 7.30pm (popular items sell out by around 6.30pm)



  1. Betty says

    Julia, great entry on Chinese pastries. Notice your other entry on American Pancake and to an American a great or good pancake must be grill to a darker consistency for more rosbust taste of toasted grill cake flavor. It look rather bland to an American.
    Now all over America is Fried Chicken and Waffle made famous by Rosco Chicken of New York. Jackie Chan film Rush Hour also had Japanese tourists asking him where Rosco Chicken and Waffle of LA ? People have it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  2. Erica says

    Never had baked chicken bun before for not many places in states make it but custard tart yes. Readed your other entry on Pancake and yes I also agreed pancake should be cooked to a darker color to taste the grill taste of the pancake and Americans like it that way so very much. So just cooking till done the pancake is not enough to make it taste really good.

  3. Aaron says

    I also agreed on comments of pancake. It does taste a lot better if grilled to a darker shade for more flavor to it. I am an American Chinese living in Singapore and wonder why they never cooked pancake to the right taste which is the true taste of American pancake.

  4. says

    Hi all,

    When it comes to pancakes, I guess we can’t expect the pancakes in Singapore to measure up to those in the U.S.. It’s just like eating chicken rice or char kway teow in the U.S., they just won’t taste as authentic as those in Singapore!

    @Betty: Rosco Chicken sounds interesting. I love waffles too, but like pancakes, there aren’t many good waffle places here in Singapore. 🙁