Hubby’s breakfast #033: Eggs Benedict @ Prive Bakery Cafe

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict, S$14.50++

Happy Rabbit Year, everyone! Today’s the 5th day of Lunar New Year. After an exhausting weekend of visiting, cooking & cleaning, we were finally able to chill. Hubby had taken leave to have an extended break, so we woke up late and had a leisurely brunch at Prive Bakery Cafe.

The Eggs Benedict looked petite in size, but it was a lot heartier than it looked. It was so filling it lasted Rick all the way till dinner at 6pm! Although the Hollandaise sauce was rich, it didn’t feel overwhelmingly so. Also, the poached eggs were perfectly timed. Smoky and slightly charred, the bacon and ham beneath the eggs were also very tasty. In short, this was one of the better Eggs Benny we’ve tasted.