Tupperware Eco TaPau Set: Test-driving the Eco TaPau Set

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Continuing from my first impressions of the Tupperware Eco TaPau Set, I continued to test-drive it this week.

Chwee kueh for breakfast (Noodle Holder & CrystalWave Dish)

Hubby loves chwee kueh for breakfast. But I’m not too keen on them as chwee kueh is often very greasy due to the oil in the chai poh topping.

This time, I hit upon the idea of using perforated noodle tray. Usually, when I tapau chwee kueh, the oil would collect at the bottom of the packet. So I thought, “Why not use the perforated Noodle Holder, so that it can act as a sieve?”

Hey, it worked! Indeed, the excess oil from the chai poh dripped through the perforated tray into the CrystalWave Dish below. Yay, I finally found a way to enjoy chwee kueh minus the grease!

Of course, some of the chai poh bits got stuck in the holes, making cleaning a little more time-consuming. But that was a small price I was gladly willing to pay!

Economic rice for lunch (CrystalWave Dish)

This was my packed lunch (not the same day as chwee kueh) from the economic rice stall in my neighborhood coffeeshop. It seemed like portions were slightly more generous than usual. Did they give me more food as a “discount” for saving them the cost of a styrofoam box? 😉

Gingko barley for supper (CrystalWave Bowl)

On another day, I tapau-ed some sweet gingko barley soup for me and hubby. If I hadn’t brought my own Eco TaPau Set, the seller would have packed our dessert into two disposable plastic bowls and lids. What a waste of resources that would have been!

Before this week, I had been slightly apprehensive about bringing this Tupperware Eco TaPau Set to buy food. A few of my friends told me that some vendors don’t welcome the idea of customers bringing their own containers to pack food.

So far, I’ve not encountered any such experience. None of the food vendors displayed any surprise or “black face” when I brought my own food container. They seemed rather matter-of-fact about the whole thing.

In fact, I’d think that food vendors would actually welcome the idea of more people bringing their own food containers. If there’s a trend of diners bringing their own containers, then vendors wouldn’t have to store so many styrofoam or disposable plastic containers. This would free up more space for them. Have you noticed that space is always very tight for food stalls?

Bringing our own food containers makes environmental and economic sense. This is true for both for diners as well as food vendors!

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