Tupperware Eco TaPau Set: First impressions

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I’m sure most of us are familiar with Tupperware. When I was a kid, my mom would pack snacks into a Tupperware square box for my recess break. Many of my school mates would also bring some form of Tupperware container to school. Anyone remember using the water tumbler? That one’s a real classic!

Tupperware Eco TaPau Set

Tupperware Eco TaPau Set and Eco Bottle (bottle sold separately).

Ah, I have such fond memories of using Tupperware. So when they asked me to test-drive and give my feedback on their newly launched Eco TaPau Set, I said yes. Like I mentioned before, I’m a firm believer in eco-friendly practices. As it is, I already bring my own containers to ta-pau (take-away) food whenever possible.

Advantages of Tupperware’s BYO (Bring Your Own) Eco TaPau Set:

  1. It’s made from food-grade materials. Tupperware products have been tested and proven to be toxic-free and non-carcinogenic. On the other hand, styrofoam and plastic bags can leech toxic chemicals into food and cause harm to our health and reproductive systems.
  2. We can help reduce plastic bags and styrofoam containers, hence helping to reduce the amount of landfill. Did you know that when plastic and styrofoam break down, they release toxins that pollute water and air?
  3. Eco TaPau Set is made with premium quality CrystalWave microwaveable material.
  4. Backed by Tupperware Lifetime Warranty, the Eco TaPau Set can be used and reused for a lifetime!

TaPau Set - disassembled

After receiving the set, I eagerly disassembled it to see what it looks like. I love the color scheme! It’s so bright and cheery!

The Eco TaPau Set consists of:

  1. 2 CrystalWave Dishes (1L) and 2 Lids
  2. 1 CrystalWave Bowl (2L) and 1 Lid
  3. Noodle Holder
  4. Grip-n-Go Carioler

Vent cap for steam to escape.

Each lid has a vent cap. Open this cap when you put the dish into the microwave, so that steam can escape.

Detachable vent cap for proper cleaning and drying.

The vent cap can be removed for thorough cleaning and drying. It’s great to see that the designers incorporated both aesthetics and practicality!

Uniquely designed Noodle Holder

The most interesting aspect of Tupperware’s TaPau Set is this unique noodle tray. I was really interested to try out this feature!

You know, one of the dishes that I avoid when buying take-away food is noodles in soup. I like my noodles to be al dente (firm to the bite). But often, the travelling time would cause the noodles to soak up the broth, causing the noodles to become too soft. Also, the vegetables would sometimes turn yellow in the hot soup. Not appetizing at all!

The Noodle Holder fits the both the Crystalwave Bowl and Crystalwave Dish.

This noodle holder was designed to get around this issue. Simply ask the vendor to place the soup in the bowl, and the noodles and toppings in the perforated holder. The steam from the soup underneath will keep the noodles moist and warm.

Well, does it really work? I was really excited to find out, so the first dish I ta pau-ed was fishball noodle soup!

Fishball noodle!

When I went to my favorite noodle stall in my neighborhood coffee shop, the lady seller exclaimed, “Wah, you brought a new container today, ah? So pretty!”

As I explained its design and function to her, she looked admiringly at the Tupperware and said, “This is cool!”

Steam from the soup underneath keeps noodles moist and warm

This is what it looked like 15 minutes after I bought my lunch. The noodles weren’t clumpy, the spring onion was green, and the lettuce still fresh!

Because of the soup below, the food was still steaming hot. Luckily there were indentations at both sides of the noodle holder, so I could remove the tray easily.

Add noodles to soup when ready to eat!

Then I placed the food into the hot soup. It tasted just like freshly served fishball noodle! The noodles were al dente and the lettuce still had crunch!

First impressions: I really, really like this noodle holder feature! Other aspects were impressive, too! I like the feel of the material too. Thick and sturdy, it probably helped to retain the heat of the food. The handles at the sides make it easier to handle the hot containers.

For the next two weeks, I’ll be continuing to test-drive this Eco TaPau Set. Check back for updates!

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  1. Betty says

    I do own a few Tupperwares when my sister inlaw was selling it in her home business. Now Rubermaid sold in supermarkets are more easy to obtain and lower cost.