1. Vickie says

    The price is same in States. San Francisco Chinatown sell it at .70 to .80 ea also. There a shop in Chinatown San Francisco at Jackson St and Grant Ave that make dim sums with a machine he got from Taiwan. His overhead is low due to less workers with the machine and price is 4 char siu baos for 1.00 and other at 6 for 1.00 .

    They have all you can eat dim sums buffet at 5.00 with a drink also.

  2. Betty says

    Love char siew bao never tire of it. I have a question but you have maybe tasted your own Singapore Ice Cream Sandwich made from bread instead of cookies and ice cream together. Will you ever do an entry on it? I like to see it along with lot I mean a lot of people in states I know who love to read your blog.

  3. says

    Singapore food is always great. I don’t know if you have featured it here before but I”ve been wanting to get hold of a recipe for herbal mutton soup (not the Indian type). I’ve searched for it on the net but can’t find the right one I wanted.