Y.E.S. 93.3FM 美食鉴定团: Southbridge Jazz @ 7atenine

Special preview

The current season of YES 933FM’s foodie segment is ending soon. *sob* Yes, this outing was the second last outing of the season.

HungryCow and I joined YES 933FM DJs Jiafa and Junli (Weibin was away this week), and 10 listeners (lucky winners from last week’s contest) for lunch at Southbridge Jazz @ 7atenine. Located at the Esplanade waterfront, this chic chill-out joint combines the best of both worlds: good food and jazz music!

Lamb Ribs - drizzled with sweet chilli mint sauce

We had the privilege to preview their new tapas menu (to be launched on 15 October 2010).

Kicking things off was the grilled lamb ribs. The meat was unbelievably soft and tender! With its charred bits, the lamb was delectably smoky.

Some of us–who were averse to lamb–commented that the lamb was a bit too gamey and oily. But I guess the fats helped to keep the meat moist.

7 Mushroom Soup - puree of 7 mushroom varieties, served with milk foam

A puree of seven kinds of mushrooms, this soup was very chunky. Perhaps I’m not a fan of foam; the overall foamy texture of this dish didn’t win me over.

Tomato Salad - St. Marzano, cherry on vine & momotaro with basil pesto, mesclun & balsamic cream

The next course functioned as an excellent amuse bouche. This piquant salad of juicy tomatoes was properly chilled, which made it very refreshing. Diverse flavors from the trio of tomato varieties provided complexity and interest. That drizzle of intensely sweet balsamic cream was a stroke of genius!

Linguini Prawn - wok fried with seafood broth

When the Linguini Prawn arrived, everyone said, “Hey, it’s fried Hokkien prawn mee!”

Well, this dish is certainly Asian-inspired, most notably from the use of laksa leaf and chilli padi. Having soaked up the umami goodness of a light seafood broth, the pasta–apparently spaghetti was used instead of linguine–managed to retain a pleasant al dente bite.

Grilled Beef Fillet - tender fillet grilled to desired doneness

Like the lamb ribs, the beef fillet was beautifully tender and succulent. Surprisingly, the best part of this dish wasn’t the fillet, but the sauce. It tasted like pulled bits of richly braised beef cheeks. Yum!

Saikyo Cod - oven baked, served with seasonal vegetables, sauteed baby potato & miso reduction

Crisp on the exterior, and smooth and juicy on the inside, the cod was another well-executed dish.

Churros - crispy churros coated with cinnamon sugar, served with Nutella dip

Our meal ended with these fun-to-munch churros! Another guest suggested that the dip would have been even better if it was a bittersweet chocolate dip.

We also sampled four of 7atenine’s most popular cocktails. In the background of the pic above, there’s the 7-Island Tea and Coffee Martini.

Refreshing mojitos!

My favorite was the immensely refreshing mojito!

All of us agreed that the cocktails here were rather light on alcohol. But hey, they were potent enough to make Jiafa look as red a cooked lobster! 😀

Thumbs up for good food and good company!

Many thanks to Chef Warren & Chef Mark, as well as Emelda and the staff of Southbridge Jazz @ 7atenine for your warm hospitality!

Tune in to Y.E.S. 93.3FM on Wednesday, 13 October 2010 from 6pm onwards to hear all our comments, as well as a chance to go on the next and last outing of the season!

Southbridge Jazz @ 7atenine
8 Raffles Avenue
#01-10/12 Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802
Tel: +65 6338 0789

URL: www.sbj7atenine.com

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 5pm till closing