Tried & Tested feature: Chendol


Most of us grew up know of chendol as a dessert with bright green jelly strips, red bean, and coconut milk sweetened with gula melaka. But did you know that this wasn’t the original version?

Read this Tried & Tested special to find out where you can have a taste of old-school chendol!



  1. lmdt says

    u are correct that chendol or cendol has indonesian orgins. traditionally this was a home made dessert and till to this day u can purchase the moulds to make chendol in indonesia, searching antique shops in sg, malaysia and indonesia if u are lucky u may find the old moulds. the green colouring comes from the pandan serani not from th normal pandan. the additions of red beans and other ingredients came much later from hawkers , and not from peranankan as chendol in peranakan homes was kept simple.