Hubby’s breakfast #032: Shanghai Chee Cheong Fun

chee cheong fun

Turnip chee cheong fun (S$1.00 per roll); Mushroom dried shrimp chee cheong fun (S$1.20 per roll)

I really wanted to like this. However, this was our second time trying Shanghai Chee Cheong Fun, and once again, we were disappointed.

chee cheong fun

Turnip chee cheong fun

This hawker stall at Chinatown Complex specializes in stuffed chee cheong fun. They cook their own stuffings, which is then rolled into factory-made rice flour skin. Four different kinds of stuffings are available: turnip, mushroom & dried shrimp, chicken, and char siew.

A few months back, we tried the chicken and char siew. The diced meats were dry and tough.

This time, I thought the vegetable-based stuffings might fare better. The mushroom was passably tasty and juicy. But the shredded turnip was too finely shredded and lacked natural sweetness. Worse, it was horribly fibrous.

Hubby was politely blunt. “I’m not keen on eating this again.” Read: Don’t buy chee cheong fun from this stall again, k?

Ok, Shanghai Chee Cheong Fun. I gave you a second chance, but still fail! Two strikes and you’re out!

Shanghai Chee Cheong Fun
Blk 335 Smith Street
#02-174 Chinatown Complex Food Centre
Singapore 050335



  1. Monday Chimps says

    When I frist came to SG, I find it bizarre to eat Cheong Fan for breakfast! Now I love it! I love that one at the Tajong Pagar Market. A humble store without name. 🙂

  2. says

    Good Chee Cheong Fun taste good even without any stuffings. The magic is in the sauce. There are quite a number of stalls selling CCF at Chinatown Complex. I don’t know the name of the stall but a relative of mine buys it at the same complex and it’s the best CCF I’ve eaten ever. Let me find out the name and post here later.