Mid-Autumn Festival 2010: Mooncakes from Concorde Hotel, Singapore

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, dear friends! Yes, today’s the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, the day when the moon is supposedly the fullest and brightest of the year.

Concorde Hotel mooncake box

Though I’m not a big fan of mooncakes, I look forward to seeing new flavors of mooncakes every year. It’s amazing how the hotels, restaurants, and bakeries manage to come up with so many creative inventions year after year.

One of the more interesting selections I tried this year came from Concorde Hotel, Singapore. The mooncake box looks like an imperial treasure chest. Very regal-looking, indeed!

Individually boxed mooncakes

The interior holds 4 golden boxes, resembling gold ingots. Each box holds a mooncake that’s sealed in plastic wrap to maintain freshness.

Traditional baked mooncakes

I was given two traditional flavors to sample — Low Sugar White Lotus Single Yolk and Mixed Nuts.

Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk & Mixed Nuts

Both hubby and I liked the white lotus paste for its smooth texture and low sugar content. However, we’re not fans of Mixed Nuts mooncake, so we didn’t go nuts over this one.

Contemporary baked mooncakes

For contemporary-style mooncakes, they often come in snowskin. Hence, it was a refreshing change to see baked mooncakes without the traditional crust for once.

Charcoal Baked Yam

This Charcoal Baked Yam was our unanimous favorite! We both like yam paste, so this combo of lotus paste (mixed with edible charcoal) and yam paste (center) was the best of both worlds. The sweetness was also just right. In fact, it was less sweet than the Low Sugar White Lotus Paste.

The white crust was soft and not as rich as the traditional crust, so on the whole, this was a very light-tasting mooncake.

Chocolate Omochi

Rick didn’t like the Chocolate Omochi because of its sticky texture. That’s good news, cos I got to eat all of it! Hee!

I didn’t mind the mochi centre at all. In fact, I enjoyed the plain chewy mochi paired with the sticky, bittersweet chocolate. The chocolate flavor was really rich. I like!

The best thing about Concorde Hotel’s mooncakes is they are halal-certified, so they can be enjoyed by Muslim friends as well.

If you’re interested, do call Concorde Hotel’s mooncake hotline: 6739 8370 to check if they still have stocks. Prices are listed on their website here.

Here’s wishing everyone a joyous Mid-Autumn Festival! 祝大家中秋节快乐!:)

Many thanks to Evelyn and Vivien of Concorde Hotel, Singapore for the delicious mooncakes.