Cooking workshop @ De Dietrich – hosted by Chef Robin Ho

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Slow-cooked Chilean seabass

Wow, look at this beautifully plated dish of Chilean seabass! And it tastes just as gorgeous as it looks!

The good news is, this can be replicated in our home kitchen, as demonstrated by über-talented Chef Robin Ho. About 2 months back, I attended a cooking workshop at De Dietrich’s showroom. The guest chef of the day was The Marmalade Group’s executive chef Robin Ho.

De Dietrich is a leading brand renowned for quality household appliances. At their showroom La Galerie De Dietrich, weekly culinary workshops are conducted by guest chefs. Some of them have included award-winning chefs such as Ryan Clift (Tipping Club), Julien Bompard (Le Saint Julien), Francois Mermilliod (Absinthe), and Yong Bing Ngen (Majestic Restaurant).

For this session, Chef Robin Ho designed a 3-course meal using premium products from the Lakudia range (currently available at Jones The Grocer).

I’m not a fan of olives, so I didn’t sample them. But I really liked Lakudia’s olive oil. This cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil — pressed from Greek olives — tasted very pure and was packed full of rich, lively flavors.

Normally, I’m not crazy about mustard because some can be rather pungent. But the fruity fig mustard — pleasantly tart with a mild sweet-saltiness — was surprisingly likeable. It didn’t taste like mustard at all! The olive mustard, with its robust briny flavor, would be a great pairing with fish or seafood.

Our first course was most luxurious — Lobster Greek Salad with Fennel & Lakudia Olives.

Phwar! Look at that heap of lobster tails!

Chef Robin Ho started by poaching lobster tails in butter (yes, BUTTER!) at 58°C to retain the lobster’s flavors and juices. This temperature also ensures the perfect texture.

Different varieties of luscious tomatoes were also used, including something we don’t often see — the tomatillo (say “toe-MAH-tee-YO”). It was firm with an exotic sweet-tart juiciness.

Here’s Chef Robin adding feta cheese to baby spinach, sliced red onion, fennel, avocado, cucumber, and Lakudia kalamanta olives. Crouton made from sliced baguette was also added.

Look at all those colors!

Whoa, look at that mountain of lobster chunks! By this time, all of us were wide-eyed with anticipation. When can we eat?

Dressed with red wine vinaigrette and Lakudia extra virgin olive oil, this luxurious salad was an explosion of textures and vibrant flavors! All of us enjoyed it immensely.

Ok, on to the main course — Slow-cooked Chilean Seabass. Here’s Chef Robin arranging pieces of Chilean seabass (pre-marinated in flat-leaf parsley and olive oil) on a baking tray. The fish was slow-cooked in a De Dietrich steam oven, which resulted in beautifully succulent and melt-in-the-mouth flesh.

This tray of tomatoes on a bed of pink salt was slow-roasted at a very low temperature for 4 hours (not a typo!). The result? Intensely flavorful semi-dried tomatoes that retained just the right amount of moisture.

If we wanted to simplify the process, I guess we could just use roasted tomato. The rest of the components were easy enough — steamed asparagus, mushy peas (surprisingly delish!), Lakudia olive mustard, and balsamic vinegar.

For dessert, Chef Robin Ho shared his Orange Almond Cake recipe. I learned a very unusual technique from Chef Robin. He boiled whole oranges (skin and all), blitzed them, and folded the pulp into the cake batter. Cooking an orange whole actually intensifies and rounds out its flavors.

Here’s Chef Robin filling mini silicon moulds with batter. Alternatively, we could use a cake tin. But dainty cakes make for nicer individual plating. They bake faster too!

Ooh, look at these freshly baked golden cakes! The entire room was filled with a wonderful aroma of zesty orange.

Because only olive oil (not butter) was used, the cake was delightfully light. Roasted sliced almonds provided a nutty fragrance and crunch. Each cake was served with a scoop of Lakudia fig mustard ice cream and fresh figs tossed in balsamic vinegar.

Chef Robin’s most brilliant trick was to create a fig mustard ice cream. Who’d ever think of mixing mustard with ice cream?

Initially skeptical, I was blown away by this unlikely marriage. The fig mustard’s fruity tartness vs the vanilla ice cream’s smooth sweetness created an intriguing complexity that excited our palates, making us crave for more!

What an eye-opening experience this workshop was. Hmm, the next time I host a dinner party, perhaps I could use these recipes. If I can pull them off, I think my guests would be most impressed!

If you’re interested in attending De Dietrich’s culinary workshops, visit their website for details or go to their FaceBook fan page for updates (photos and recipes of  previous sessions can be viewed). Workshops are by invitation only.

La Galerie De Dietrich is also the place to go if you want to check out De Dietrich’s full range of household appliances. As a brand with more than 300 years of heritage (originating from Strasbough, France), De Dietrich is internationally recognized for their dedication to design, aesthetic and performance.

De Dietrich Singapore has generously offered to give away 2 pairs of cooking workshop invites to AromaCookery readers! All you have to do is tell me a household appliance that’s available at De Dietrich (view catalogue here).

Just leave your answer below with your name and valid email address. Two winners (to be selected by online random number generator) will each receive a pair of invites. Closing date: Tuesday, 7 September 2010 (23:59pm).

La Galerie De Dietrich
120 Lower Delta Road
#01-04 The Cendex
Singapore 169208
Tel: +65 6508 4600

Mon-Fri: 10.30am – 7.30pm
Sat: 10.30am – 6pm
Closed on Sun & public holidays

Many thanks to De Dietrich Singapore, Chef Robin Ho, and Ivy of Food News for your warm hospitality.

Update (Wed, 8 Sept 2010, 12:23am): Ok, we had a grand total of ten participants! Here are results of the draw:

The first two numbers are 10 and 4, so that means the winners are maameemoomoo and Estelle. Congratulations! They will each receive a pair of invites to a De Dietrich cooking demo. Many thanks to everyone who participated!



  1. derrick says

    a household appliance that can be bought at De Dietrich is a dishwasher

    ooo, i hope i get to attend the culinary workshop !

  2. Terence says

    Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Washer Dryer, Washing Machine, Wine Cellar, Cooker, Hob, Microwave, Hood, Oven, Espresso Coffee Machine, Dishwarmer.

    Pick any of the above and pick me for the cooking workshop!


  3. Estelle says

    This entry is great! Just the kind of cooking class I’m looking for. Thanks for sharing!

    One of the household appliance that’s available at De Dietrich is the oven. 🙂