Hubby’s breakfast #029: Buns from D’Bun

Big Bao, mini char siew bao, siew mai

Clockwise from left: Big pork bun (S$1.50), mini char siew bao (S$0.70 each), siew mai (S$0.60 each)

Yesterday, I was waiting for SBS bus service 16 in Joo Chiat Road when I saw D’Bun just behind the bus-stop. Ah, let’s buy some 包 (bao / Chinese steamed bun) for hubby’s breakfast, I thought to myself. They have the usual selection of handmade bao and dimsum, available for takeaway only.

Beginning with the siew mai, the meat was smooth and bouncy, but not particularly tasty. Not bad, but neither was it spectacular.

Cross-section of big bao

Hubby and I share-shared the big bao. The interior had a decent amount of meat and egg. The pork filling was tasty, but not juicy enough.

Cross-section of char siew bao

Cross-section of char siew bao

No such issue with the char siew bao. The filling was most luscious! The char siew was deliciously sweet and sticky, with a faint fragrance of oyster sauce.

Because this was made into a mini-sized bun, the dough was thin, sufficiently soft and delicate. In terms of satisfaction, the char siew bao beats the big bao, hands down!

Nearly as small as siew mai, these dainty char siew bao are rather pricey, considering they’re half the size of a regular-sized one. But they’d be great for a tea party or dimsum spread where you don’t want to fill up so quickly or you wanna reserve tummy space for other goodies.

358 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427603
Tel: +65 6345 8220

Open daily: 8am – 10pm



  1. Betty says


    That chicken bun sure look so tasty. In San Francisco Chinatown have it with chicken, black mushroom and Lup Cheong.