Hiong Kee Dumplings

Tomorrow is Duan Wu Festival 端午节 aka Dragon Boat Festival. Celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, it falls on June 16th this year.

hiong kee dumplings

Rice dumplings from Hiong Kee

Mom-in-law had warned me that this year’s Bak Chang Price Index is higher than last year’s, but I hadn’t quite bargained for jaw-dropping price hikes. Hiong Kee is selling their signature Hokkien meat dumpling with salted egg yolk at S$3.80, up from last year’s S$2.50.

That’s a whopping 52% increase! Phwar!

Even then, people were still queuing to buy bak chang (rice dumplings) by the dozens. I joined the queue cos my backside was itchy it’s been ages since I last ate Hiong Kee’s salted egg yolk dumpling so I was craving for one.

Nonya dumpling

Nonya dumpling, S$3.10

This is my first time trying Hiong Kee’s Nonya dumpling. It tasted like what a respectable Nonya dumpling should taste like. Very nice, I like!

Hokkien dumpling

Hokkien meat dumpling with salted egg yolk, S$3.80

Last year, I wrote a Tried & Tested: Bak chang (published in May 2009) for inSing.com. I remember Hiong Kee’s salted egg yolk dumpling tasted much better then. This time, it wasn’t as outstanding. Part of the glutinous rice wasn’t thoroughly cooked and the meat was a bit dry. But I still like the overall flavor very much.

I’m guessing that quality control was a tad lacking given the bulk orders to be fulfilled during this busy festive period. Am willing to give it another chance, but only if the price comes down. S$3.80 is just ridiculous!

Hiong Kee Dumplings
#01-09 Hong Lim Temporary Food Centre
Hong Lim Park



  1. chloe says

    i bought hiong kee dumplings too! its my first time buying hiong kee dumplings as I heard its as good as the amoy street dumplings. But i’ve yet to try the hiong kee ones as they are still sitting in my fridge. The aunty infront of me bought 20 dumplings! didnt know about their whopping price increase!

  2. Erica says

    This year in Taiwan health dept. is now enforcing rule in the ingredient use in rice dumplings. Certain perserve ingredients are not healthly and many rice dumplings were taken off the stores to sell. People rather buy now Cantonese ones with beans and peanuts and pork and duck eggs. It old fashion recipe but health dept OK it and that good.

  3. Tricia says

    LOL!! Haven’t heard/read this phrase for a long time … ‘backside itchy’!!! I really missed good ‘Bak Chang’. Can’t really find good ones here in Toronto! Sigh! Sad!!

  4. Mr. Tan says

    Will head down to try e barh chang now!!!!
    Poor Tricia, return to sg for all e food man~ yummy