KFC egg tart

KFC egg tart, S$1.30 each / 6 for S$7.50

KFC egg tart, S$1.30 each / 6 for S$7.50

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

For KFC, the answer is a no-brainer. They started off selling fried chicken, but now, they also sell egg tart!

It was launched in February this year, but I’ve only just checked out KFC’s Portuguese-style egg tart.

Surprisingly, it was pretty good. I liked the crust a lot. It was crisp, light, and flaky without disintegrating too easily.

The egg custard wasn’t too sweet and had a faint caramelized fragrance. As you can see from the cross-sectioned tart, the custard wasn’t evenly smooth. But it tasted fine.

Just wondering, does anyone remember Portuguese egg tart being a major food fad about 10 years ago? I remember seeing people queuing for them everywhere, but the trend died down just as quickly as it started.

Apparently, KFC’s egg tart become really popular in their Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China outlets. That’s why Singapore’s KFC decided to bring it in too. Do you think it will re-ignite our passion for Portuguese egg tart?



  1. says

    i like those from tampines giant too! but those are the normal egg tarts, not the portugeuse ones. i find that those from kfc taste best in the morning when they are freshly baked.

  2. Betty says


    Does your KFC have congees also? Not was KFC or Mcdonald. Back in Hawaii they serve Portuguese sauages and eggs with rice in morning or ramen at Mcdonald when I went home to Honolulu. Lunch time teriyaki hamburger or taro pie or coconut milk pie(haupia). KFC in Hawaii is working on chicken katsu right now.