Canto Kitchen 廣東飲食

This was an unplanned dinner with hubby about two weeks ago. I needed to replenish the toiletries inventory, so we went to People’s Park Market & Food Centre (Chinatown MRT). By now, it’s an open secret that this building has shops selling heavily marked-down toiletries and cosmetics on the second and third floors.

Double Taste Pork Ribs 鸳鸯排骨, S$12.00

The weather was unbearably hot and humid, and we had no wish to eat at the food centre. I remember reading this article about Chef Kang of Canton Wok making a comeback, so that’s how we ended up at Canto Kitchen.

Double Taste Pork Ribs was a taste of deboned, cubed pork rib deep-fried and flavored two ways — one in coffee, the other in a fruity sauce.

Coming from a fatty cut of meat, the pork cubes were wickedly flavorful, juicy, and full with bite. Both sauces were good in their own way, with the fruity sauce gaining more favor for its piquancy.

Bacon Prawn Roll with Salad Cream 沙拉烟肉虾卷, S$12.00

The first couple of deep-fried bacon-wrapped prawn was mmmph…licious. But all that bacon fat and heavy cream sauce got a bit cloying after a while.

Poached Spinach with Whole Garlic & 3 Eggs 蒜子三蛋浸苋菜, S$10.00

A relatively recent innovation, this dish is now standard issue at most Chinese restaurants. It’s actually a very homey dish, but many people seem to like it. Canto Kitchen’s rendition is generous with egg.

We didn’t order big ticket items or Chef Kang’s signature dishes like glutinous rice with crab, but it was a good first impression. The food’s not as exquisite as fine dining Chinese restaurants, but better than zi-char quality. Service is basic.

However, a BIG draw here is, prices are nett. No service charge or GST to inflate the bill! It’s reasonably priced if you consider the food quality and cushy air-con comfort.

We didn’t know, but there was a 30% discount for the month of April. Darn! Would have ordered the pricier items if I’d known earlier!

After 30% discount, total bill was S$28.75. Original bill before discount was S$39.30 (inclusive of charges for rice, peanut, towel, Chinese tea). Prices are nett.

Canto Kitchen 廣東飲食
1 Park Road
#05-01 People’s Park Complex
Singapore 059108
Tel: (65) 6536 0501

Mon-Fri: 12noon — 2.30pm, 5.30pm — 9.30pm
Sat, Sun, public holiday: 12noon — 9.30pm



  1. lin says

    Went there after chinese new year, heard from the waiter chef kang
    is no more there. Am I right?