What I really want for my birthday…

…is a cat of my own.

Hubby: Happy birthday, sweetie! So, what present can I get you?

Me: A pet!

Hubby gives me a pat on the head.

Me: No! You know what I’m talking about. P-E-T, pet! I want a pet cat!

Hubby: No pets. You can have anything but a pet.

Me: 🙁

Sigh. Thanks to hubby’s non-negotiable “no animals in HDB home” policy, I can forget about having a kitty of my own. For now.

Kitty at Short Street

Last week, I was walking along Short Street, and came across this street cat. She’s such a sweet kitty, one of the most affectionate cats I’ve come across! Very well-groomed too, for a street cat.

Kitty at Short Street

Apparently, she’s regularly fed by a kindly shopkeeper nearby, who named her Xiao Ding Dang.

Oh, Xiao Ding Dang, how I wish I could give you a loving home. 🙁

Bye for now, Xiao Ding Dang. I’ll visit you again with some kitty kibble!

Visit my Flickr set for more images of Xiao Ding Dang the cute kitty at Short Street!



  1. Betty says

    I just love all pets and they not just cute but very smart animals also. I was taken care of my daughter Black Burmese cat named Sanako and she is so funny playing jokes on me. Every morning she get inside my bedroom and tap me on the head to wake me up to feed her. I open my eyes she stare at me so near cat eyes to my eyes shock me to get up fast.

    She like to steal my chair when I want to sit on it. If I do not want to she too do not want it too. Now she back with my daughter and I do think of Sanako every day and the wonderful time we had together.

    • says

      aww….Sanako sounds like an absolute dear! I used to have a cat too, but he’s in animal heaven now. Really miss his cute antics and the lovely moments we shared.

  2. Momo says

    So what did you eventually get? 😛
    Actually, i never knew you love cats, having known you for so long 🙂

  3. says

    Hey…never knew you liked cats. Why Ricky don’t allow animals at home? Is he allergic to fur? He should have seen my 49 hamsters! Hahaha, they even had a Hamster HDB block in my computer room last time.

    • says

      Wah, 49 hamsters! Are they still around? Have they multiplied?!

      Sigh, He-Who-Won’t-Let-Me-Have-A-Cat says cats scratch furniture, shed fur, etc, so won’t allow cats. 🙁