Hubby’s breakfast #026: Otah sandwich

Today’s breakfast received a BIG thumbs-up from hubby!

The secret to a delicious otah sandwich is to use good quality ingredients.

  1. Start with premium bread. Here, I used Queen Bread (S$4.00 per loaf) from Sun Moulin Bakery at B1 of Isetan Scotts.
  2. Get good otah. These were from Lee Wee & Brothers at B1 of TANGS Orchard. I prefer banana leaf otah (S$1.10 each) cos it’s more shiok!
  3. Instead of butter, I smeared the bread with mayo and added romaine lettuce for a refreshing touch.
  4. Trim off the crust, slice sandwich in half, and voila! A yummy otah sandwich is ready! So easy to make, right?


  1. Ruvel says

    Ah yes, the secret to good food is thick wads of cash.

    Thanks, that explains my discontent with $1 loaves and 30 cent slabs of otah.
    Woe be mine that I’m stuck with a low income.

    • says

      Haha, I’m stuck in the same income level as you are. $4 loaves and $1 slabs of otah are but an occasional indulgence.

      Cheaper alternatives can be satisfying too, like this one. Just adjust expectations accordingly.