Hubby’s breakfast #025: Old-school buns from Serangoon Garden Bakery

After lunch at Serangoon Gardens yesterday, I bought some old-school buns home for today’s breakfast.

Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery

Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery takes up two stalls at Serangoon Garden Food Centre. They bake their breads and cakes on the premises. Business is very good, with long queues during lunchtime. Their goods are super fresh since turnover is high.

Old-school buns and cake

I really miss this kind of old-school bread and cake. They’re so refreshingly unpretentious. No fanciful names like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon”. And what’s “Mount Fuji Swirl”? Oh, it’s kaya bun? Say lah! Why waste our time playing “Guess What’s Inside The Bun?”

Hamburger bun (luncheon meat), S$0.70 each

There were so many of my childhood favorites here: butter & sugar, cheese, coconut, red bean, kaya, hot dog. In the end, I picked two most favorites — luncheon meat and curry (potato).

All the buns are made using the same sweet and airy dough. The “hamburger” comes with a surprisingly thick slab of luncheon meat. And the curry was generously stuffed with curried potato. Hubby and I each had two buns for the price of one BreadTalk bun! Now that’s what I call priceless!

Walnut cake, S$0.80 per slice

I was expecting the walnut cake to be buttery. But it turned out to be more chiffon-like instead. The cake was lightly flavored with coffee, and was richly studded with walnut, chocolate rice, and sesame seeds for extra crunch. The texture was light, yet very nutty. Tastes like what Mom would bake, if Mom could bake.

How I wish there could be more old-school bakeries like Serangoon Garden Bakery. Sadly, many of them (those in HDB estates) are morphing into BreadTalk copycats. The buns look similar, but taste like inferior imitations. Sigh. Instead going for a half-hearted attempt at modernization, why can’t they just stick to doing what they did best?

Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery
49A Serangoon Garden Way
#01-45/46 Serangoon Market & Food Centre
Singapore 555945

Tue to Sun: 6.30am – 5pm (earlier if sold out)
Closed on Mondays



  1. Betty says

    Those pastries looks so yummy to me. Do people like Spam alot? I from Hawaii now live in San Francisco make lot of dishes with spam. The walnut cake so different from Hong Kong bakery in San Francisco it more yellow cake with walnut . Your look more delic. Pork sung and tuna salad buns, ham and eggs is what we have but like your better.

    • says

      Hi Betty, yes, canned luncheon meat is very popular here in Singapore. But we usually buy locally produced or China brands, as made-in-U.S.A. Spam is pricier.

      Tuna salad and ham & egg buns sound delish! 🙂

  2. Momo says

    I certainly missed those old-school buns! And with luncheon meat somemore 😛

  3. says

    !st time visit to ur blog after hearing ur coverage on the Kushi restuarant. Didn’t know that u are a regular patron of this Serangoon garden bakery. We like their bread alot especially the ham and cheese but the boss attitude has lot to improve on.

    • says

      Hi JC, thanks for dropping by. 🙂 I’m not a regular patron of Serangoon Garden Bakery. Just happened to pass by.

      For the boss, is it the guy who takes customers’ orders, slams the plastic shelves, and keeps shouting “再来”? I didn’t get any attitude from him, though. Maybe it was my lucky day? 😀

      • says

        U are spot on. I hate the slamming of the plastic shelves and the “再来” is classic. lol

  4. L S says

    If you like old school buns, I would recommend you try Katong Sin Chew Bakery at Bedok North Block 416 (next to a coffee shop). The soft cupcake is to die for and dont forget the curry buns. The custard cream puff and eclairs are the old school type. Warning: The buns are usually only available after 1pm, fresh from the oven. Enjoy