Win a Willie’s Chocolate Factory Cookbook!

Update (Tue, 4 May 2010): This contest is now closed. Thank you to all who participated. The two winners are Jane Ng and Vincent. Congratulations! Have fun trying out the recipes. 🙂

Happy May Day! Here’s a chance for two lucky readers to win a cookbook by Willie Harcourt-Cooze.

Chocolate is not just limited to confectionery or dessert. Willie’s mouthwatering recipes show how you can use 100% cacao to enrich a great range of dishes, from Gazpacho to Braised Lamb Shanks. Ever tried Chocolate Risotto or Sticky Chocolate Ribs? Of course, there’s tantalizing desserts like Cloud Forest Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Pecan Tart, and Baked Banana with Rum and Cacao. Learn to make easy but decadent Truffles, Venezuelan Hot Chocolate, Churros, and Bloody Mary with a twist!

All you have to do is submit a witty/thought-provoking/memorable/intelligent question that you’d ask Willie Harcourt-Cooze if you had the chance to meet him in person.

Submit your entry in the comments section with this beginning:

Dear Willie, [insert your question to Willie here]

This contest runs from Sat, 1 May 2010, and ends at 11.59pm on Mon, 3 May 2010 (Singapore time). My hubby will pick two winning entries. Limited to one entry each person and to those residing in Singapore. Please include your name and valid email address.

Those who previously won a cookbook for the Kylie Kwong contest will not be eligible. I’m sorry about this, but hey, give others a chance to win something too, ok? 😀

Any fun plans for this holiday weekend? I’m staying home today as it’s too hot to go anywhere!

Another reason I’m staying home is to take advantage of Starhub’s free access to all cable channels for this weekend (April 30 — May 2).

By the way, Discovery Travel & Living (now on Starhub Ch 427) is airing a special back-to-back episode marathon of Willy’s Wonky Chocolate Factory. I missed a couple of episodes, so will be tuning in to catch up on them.

Willy’s Wonky Chocolate Factory marathon on Discovery Travel & Living (Starhub Ch 427) airs:

Sat, 1 May 2010, 2pm–6pm (episodes 1, 2, 3, 4)
Sun, 2 May 2010, 2pm–5pm (episodes 1, 2, 3)



  1. Jane Ng says

    Dear Willie, despite the lure and seduction of chocolate, has it ever been a turn-off to you due to whatever reasons possible?

  2. Ailin says

    Dear Willie, who or what inspired you to incorporate chocolate into savoury dishes?