New ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry’s – A Cookie Affair

Single scoop ice cream, S$4.90

Ever since I got married, my consumption of ice cream has increased exponentially. Naturally, my dear spouse must be credited for this unhealthy phenomenon.  For someone who cannot survive without a fortnightly ice cream fix, Rick was horrified to learn that before I met him, I ate ice cream at most 3 times a year.

We’re no snobs when it comes to ice cream. Anything goes, depending on mood and budget. Sometimes, it’s a Cornetto grabbed from the neighborhood convenience kiosk. Once in a while, we feel nostalgic and go get King’s potong ice cream sticks. Not long ago, we discovered delicious local flavors from home-grown ice cream parlours.

Sometimes, we splurge a bit more on premium brands like Haagen Daz or Ben & Jerry’s when they’re on sale at the supermarket. Currently, my fav Ben & Jerry’s flavors are Chocolate Macadamia and Cherry Garcia.

Last week, after dinner at VivoCity, we passed by Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop, and thought we’d check out their newest flavor A Cookie Affair.

I thought it’d be similar to cookies & cream, but it was actually nicer than I’d expected. A Cookie Affair has a vanilla ice cream base, and has various kinds of cookie chunks. Most of the cookie chunks were chocolate, but I also tasted something similar to peanut butter cookie. It was nutty and slightly salty. Yummy!

Well, given that I’m not a fan of cookies & cream ice cream flavor, I was surprised that I really enjoyed B&J’s A Cookie Affair. But my number one choice for B&J’s is still Chocolate Macadamia. Number two will be a toss-up between A Cookie Affair and Cherry Garcia.

BTW, I just discovered that B&J’s website is very cute and colorful! Also, you might want to check out their A Cookie Affair Contest. There’s a chance to win a trip to Vermont, USA! This contest runs from from 1 April 2010 to 31 May 2010.