Y.E.S. 93.3FM 美食鉴定团: Wuhan Steamboat City

美食鉴定团 is back! Remember the last session I attended at House of Seafood? This popular foodie segment on Y.E.S. 93.3FM’s 综合娱乐城 (Mon to Fri, 5pm to 9pm) begins a new season today!

Yoo hoo, Auntie Lucy!

Besides DJ Jiafa 家发 and his new sidekick, the vivacious and multi-talented Weibin 伟彬, we were also joined by special guests DJ Junli and DJ Chong Qing 崇庆 aka “Auntie Lucy”!

Wuhan Steamboat

The new season kicked off with a steamy affair at Wuhan Steamboat.

Steamboat - conveyor belt style!

This was a first for me – conveyor belt steamboat. How convenient!

Hotpot for 2

Another first for me – 3-in-1 hotpot! The most I’ve tried is 2-in-1 pot. There are 7 kinds of soup bases to choose from, but most of us went for a combo of hot & spicy, chicken, and seafood.

Shabu-shabu lamb, beef, and pork

The conveyor belt items are free-flow, but more premium items like shabu-shabu meats have to be ordered separately.

Wuhan Chilli Duck

Cooked items are also available. One of the house specials is Wuhan Chilli Duck. It doesn’t look spicy, but trust me, it is!

Pearl Meatball & dumpling

Another house special is the Pearl Meatball – meatball wrapped in glutinous rice.

"Of course, we're just as hot as our food!"

Here’s Jiafa interviewing the 老板娘 (lady boss).

"Yes, I think Auntie Lucy is a hot babe."

There were many listeners and fans who joined us that day. Here’s Jiafa interviewing one of them.

"Are you serious?"

It was a relaxed and casual affair; everyone had a great time.

Auntie Lucy, you're such a cam whore!

Everyone wanted a pic with Auntie Lucy!

From left: Weibin, Junli, Chongqing, Jiafa

The Y.E.S. 93.3FM DJs strike a pose! *click click click click click!*

Tune in to Y.E.S. 93.3FM today (Wed, April 7, 2010) between 6pm to 7pm for the foodie segment if you wanna hear both HungryCow and I speaking in mangled Mandarin!

Wuhan Steamboat City
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-85 The Central @ Clarke Quay

Daily: 10am – 11pm



  1. Betty says

    Julia, never saw a hotpot restaurant(we call it Hotpot in States) that have a conveyor belt which found so neat . Here is All You Can Eat for one price and no 2 in one or 3 in one pot just one and not spicy mala soup just regular soup stock. I don’t think Taiwan have it also the conveyor belt hotpot restaurants at all yet also. Dim Sum is now added to menu with hotpot in many places in San Francisco areas so people order dim sum and hotpot together now.

    • says

      Hi Betty, conveyor belt steamboat restaurants are very new here in Singapore, but spicy mala hotpots have been around for some time, and there are now many of them. Dim sum and hotpot sounds like a nice combo! 🙂