Hubby’s breakfast #019: Kaffe & Toast (SGH)

Mackerel otah bun

“What shall we have for breakfast tomorrow?” I asked Rick on Saturday evening. “Let’s go to SGH for otah buns!” was the instant and eager reply.

Before you think we’re madder than the Mad Hatter to go all the way to a hospital for breakfast, allow me to clarify. Singapore General Hospital is a leisurely 10-minute stroll from our home. And ever since our chance encounter with Kaffe & Toast’s otah bun, Rick just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Between you and me, I was secretly craving for it too. It’s ridiculously simple fare: otah and bread. But the magic was in pairing lightly toasted soft buns with a good quality banana leaf mackerel otah.

Our walk up the hill was not in vain; the second time was just as good as the first. Delightfully airy buns + tasty, tingly otah = unforgettable!

Soft-boiled eggs, Teh-C, and Kopi*

Besides otah buns, the soft-boiled eggs were also worthy of praise. The whites were set but wobbly, while the yolks were lusciously runny.

A pity their coffee and tea were on the weak side; they were respectable but could definitely be more robust in flavour.

*Teh-C = tea with evaporated milk, Kopi = coffee with condensed milk

Kaya toast

We also tried their kaya toast. The bread was unevenly toasted; some parts were crisp, but some weren’t. Next time, we might try the kaya bun instead.

Various combos

This is their combo set menu. For this meal, we ordered Set A and Set E. There’s also an ala carte menu.

Local delights

On weekdays, this Kaffe & Toast outlet does a roaring business. As today was a Sunday , it was much quieter since the specialist outpatient clinics were closed, hence we could easily get a table and linger. They also serve more substantial one-dish meals that are reasonably priced (akin to food court prices).

Does anyone know if Kaffe & Toast has other outlets? One of the staff told me they have another branch in Raffles Place area, but she didn’t know exactly where.

Kaffe & Toast
Singapore General Hospital
Blk 4, Level 1 (next to Retail Pharmacy)

Mon to Fri: 7.30am – 8pm
Weekends/PH: 7.30am – 6pm



  1. says

    LOL!!! I know this place too well. My 2 sons were delivered here at SGH (that’s why I told you the other day that I knew how to go back). I looked forward to my OB appointments because of the food!! The houseman canteen too … used to head for the noodles stall if my appointments finished at lunch time. 😉

  2. LS Teo says

    Did they change their name from “Coffee & Toast” to “Kaffe & Toast”? I remember it dsitinctly that it was called the former. Anyway, they have two other outlets at CityLink and Tampines Mall (previously where Ya Kun Toast was)

    • says

      Yeah, I think you’re right. Dunno why the SGH outlet changed their name. Their menu is still the same as Coffee & Toast. There’s also a branch at Raffles Xchange.


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