Rich & Good Cake Shop 裕佳西餅店

How rich and how good?

Rich & Good Cake Shop is an old-school bakery in Kandahar Street. I’ve heard many rave reviews about their signature Swiss roll. Since I happened to be in Kampong Glam today, I went to look for it.

Their Swiss roll comes in a mind-boggling array of flavors, including mango, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, coffee, green tea (though not all might be available at the same time). I bought kaya and durian as these two are their bestsellers.

Kaya roll and durian roll, S$6.50 each.

Their Swiss roll is very distinctive. While most cake shops have thick and fluffy rolls, Rich & Good’s rolls are long (about 30cm/12″) and skinny (about 5cm/2″ in diameter).

After you slice them up, they become dainty Swiss roll slices. Great to serve at a tea party!

Kaya roll, sliced.

Now, for the taste test. Although dense in texture, the sponge cake is very fine, soft, moist, and eggy. The fudge-like kaya isn’t too sweet, but could definitely be more generous in amount.

Overall, it tastes very old-school, very toothsome, and definitely very more-ish!

Durian roll, sliced.

The durian roll certainly smelled and looked tantalizing, with durian pulp spilling out as I sliced the cake. However, the heavy durian scent is rather artificial, most probably pumped up with durian essence. Also, there’s a strong, slightly unpleasant after-taste that I don’t exactly appreciate.

Well, the rolls were rich and good, but I thought they could be richer and better. Good enough to drop by if I happen to be in the vicinity, but not if I have to make a special trip.

Rich & Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198887
Tel: (65) 6294 3324

Mon to Sat: 9am – 5pm
Closed: Sun & PH



  1. Momo says

    I totally agree with your review on the kaya one. Got a chance to try this when 1 of our colleagues decided to walk there from our office to buy it! We had a great tea party in the office 🙂

  2. whitelotv says

    Love these rolls too! Remembered they used to be thicker and cheaper about 5 years ago… oh well, inflation plays a part, I guess 🙁