No more breakfast for hubby?

Rick and I had a lovers’ spat, so I stopped making brekkie for him! That’s why no breakfast posts these 2 weeks.

Nah, just kidding, heh! Like a dutiful wife, I still make/buy brekkie daily. Just that some days, breakfast was boring stuff like plain bread + jam. So I’ll just round up some of the more memorable ones.

D-Plus Natural Yeast Bread (pumpkin), S$1.20

Bought this D-Plus bun from the neighborhood “mama” shop. Apparently, it has a longer shelf life than other brands of factory-made buns. This one had about 3 weeks to go before its expiry date.

The naked bun

When I opened the package, there was a very strong, yeasty smell! But after I let it “air” for a while, it didn’t smell as much.

Cross-section of bun

Surprisingly, it tastes pretty good! Moist and cottony, this could easily pass off as fresh bread. I’d give it a B+ (why they rate themselves D-Plus? Heh!).

At the shop, there were only about 5 flavors to choose from, but according to their website, there are at least 8. The chocolate one sounds good!

DC Donuts

I’m posting this to remind myself NOT to buy donuts from this stall again! DC Donuts is located at the basement of Cathay Orchard Cineleisure. We bought these out of sheer convenience as we were there for dinner and movie.

At S$3.90 for 4 (buy 3 get 1 free), these donuts were a bargain, but they weren’t fresh, and were a poor imitation of JCo Donuts. You have been warned!

Taro-cotta from BreadTalk

Another first, but will probably buy this again. BreadTalk likes word puns, like this Taro-cotta, which is nothing more than mashed taro in a bun. But it works because the taro is smooth and not too sweet, and the bread is soft and fluffy. So yammilicious! Think it costs around S$1.40.

English breakfast (orange juice not pictured)

This was today’s (Saturday) brunch. Rick often reminisces about his college days in Manchester where his dorm served a sumptuous English breakfast EVERYDAY.

Yeah, that’s such a so-not subtle hint! I told him, “You can dream on if you think I’m gonna get up at 6am everyday to make you English breakfast!”

Actually, it’s not hard to prepare, but too much of a hassle on weekdays. Besides, it’s rather unhealthy to eat like this everyday, no?



  1. Gourmet.Swallow says

    I love the egg in your English Breakfast, it look yummy,! I am not very good in cooking sunny side up especially runny yoke. 🙁 The bread from D plus sounds like lots of preservative to hold up or 3 weeks!!

    • says

      Thank you, Gourmet Swallow! The yolk was good, but I didn’t do a good job with the white. See the holey bits? Sigh. Sometimes the simplest foods are the hardest to master!

      Hmm, I’m not so sure about D-Plus bread having lots of preservatives. I don’t remember seeing preservative being listed in the ingredients. Also, they claim to use a unique Japanese pad in the pack that maintains freshness. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t offer much information.

      • Hazel says

        Hi Gourmet Swallow and Julia,
        Happened to chance upon your comments. D-plus bread do not contain any artificial preservatives in our buns during the baking process. The reason for the long shelf life is due to our baking technique and the addition of the alcohol pad (the green pad) found in each package. We have stated this on the packaging. While this technology of a long life shelf bread is very new in Singapore, Japan has it for more than 5 years. =)

        Thanks Julia for the B+ rating. We hope to strive to attain A+ from you in the near future. We are called D-plus because most bread turns mouldy after Day 2 to Day 3. As our buns can last many days beyond that, we called ourselves D-plus. D= Day!

        We have 12 flavors available now in the market!

        Look forward to your support.