Hubby’s breakfast #012: Crispy pork floss sandwich…with mayo

Mayo in squeezable bottle!

Instead of butter, I experimented spreading the bread with mayo today. Hey, it’s nice! 🙂 I find that butter has a tendency to overpower the pork floss, but mayo seems to go very well with it.

I asked Rick if he could spot any difference, but he said no. Maybe he was reading the newspaper, so didn’t pay attention to his food?

BTW, have any of you seen this fabulous squeezable bottled mayo? I bought this in NTUC Fairprice (Bukit Merah Central), but they don’t stock it anymore. It’s really handy! Also, it seems to taste better. Could it be because it’s made in Canada? I think the bottled ones are made in China or Malaysia.

Please drop a line if you know where to find the squeezable bottled version!



  1. yaya says

    i saw the squeeze bottled mayo at boon lay shopping centre’s NTUC. they have tons of stocks there! =]

    • says

      Thanks for the shoutout, yaya! 🙂 But Boon Lay is so far for me. 🙁 Anyone seen this in FairPrice outlets nearer to town or Bukit Timah area?

  2. Shirley Lim says

    Hi Julia,
    I’ll bring you a few bottles from Canada when I visit!
    I’ve missed all the beehoon breakfasts the moment I left.