Cake decorating workshop at Creative Culinaire

Did you catch the premiere of Cake Boss on Wednesday? I missed it, but saw today’s encore telecast at 12pm. Wow, the three black-and-white bridal cakes that Buddy created for Brides Magazine were simply stunning, especially the intricate, hand-piped one. But my favorite was his own birthday boat cake. It was full of whimsical details like a fisherman, blue waves, and dolphins.

Chef Judy Koh, founder of Creative Culinaire

Thanks to the generous folks at Discovery Travel & Living Asia who organized a special cake decorating workshop at Creative Culinaire, we got to try our hand at being cake bosses for 3 hours!

Besides members of the media, food bloggers were also invited. Elaine of Divine Essentials was there too, and I asked Keropokman to come along as my baking buddy!

Piping a "sunflower" cupcake!

I happily accepted this invitation because I’ve attended a basic cake making course by Chef Judy Koh at Creative Culinaire before, about 3 years ago. Chef Judy has extensive experience in this field, and is highly regarded in the local baking industry. Most of all, she’s a very friendly instructor who readily shares her knowledge.

Base layer of sunflower petals.

Our lesson started off with something simple – sunflower cupcakes!

Piping white chocolate into "ladybug" shells.

Chef Judy showed us how to make chocolate ladybugs using commercial ladybug chocolate moulds.

Ta-da! So cute!

Pipe a layer of orange buttercream petals, place an Oreo cookie in the center, then pipe a second layer of petals. Place a chocolate ladybug on top, and it’s done!

Our workstation.

After the demo, it was our turn to try our hand at piping sunflower petals! Here’s our workstation (for four participants) all laid out for us. The cakes had been pre-baked and cooled, otherwise we’d be there till the next morning!

My sunflower cupcakes!

We each got to practise on 2 cupcakes. These are mine. Nice or not? Which one looks better?

Very attentive students!

After the warm-up session, we moved on to more challenging stuff, like decorating a whole cake!

Check out the industrial-sized cake mixer in the foreground of above pic. The balloon whisk is nearly as big as a human head!

Demonstrating how to cover a cake neatly with fondant.

Decorating a whole cake is much more complex as it involves glazing the cake, rolling out fondant, covering the cake, and cutting out fondant shapes to decorate the cake.

Oh no, our workstation's so messy!

After the demo, it was our turn again!

Cake artist at work.

Even though most of us were doing this for the first time in our lives, our cakes turned out quite nicely. In fact, some participants seem to be natural-born cake artists!

Here are our creations, and I’m going to play “Name the Cake”! 😉

A Garden in Spring

This design won a prize – a cookbook by Chef Judy Koh!

Blooming Stars

A Tale of Golden Daisies & Pink Hearts

Blushing Sweetheart

White Beauty

This one’s my favorite! *thumbs up*

The Divine Miss E

This is Elaine’s creation. Isn’t it absolutely sweet?

Cheery Blossoms

This is Keropokman’s design. I like it very much. It’s such a sunny-looking cake! And so neat too, not like mine.

Starry Starry Night

Here’s Chef Judy’s creation. So stunning and dramatic, don’t you think?

Flower Power!

After showing you all the beautiful cakes, I’m very embarrassed to show you mine, cos I think it’s the ugliest one. I was going for a random, scattered flowers look, but didn’t pull it off. It’s true that less is more!

Oh well, I just have to resign myself to the fact that I have no flair for cake decorating. I’ll just stick to stir-fries. 🙂

But still, it was massively fun, and we ALL had a BLAST! Like Chef Judy said, cake decorating is very addictive, and I must add, very satisfying as well.

For those who wanna try your hand at cake decorating, you can check out Creative Culinaire’s website for their course schedule. Besides cake decorating, there are also cake-baking, bread-making, muffin/cupcakes, chocolate-making courses, as well as seasonal baking workshops.

A big thank-you to Creative Culinaire, Discovery Travel & Living Asia, and Weber Shandwick for the invitation and hospitality.