Hubby’s breakfast #004: Toast with marmalade & butter

Sorry, no image of hubby’s brekkie today, cos I was too busy making a packed lunch. No time to take pictures!

Tuna kimbap (Korean rice roll)

I hastily snapped some pics of hubby’s lunch box – tuna kimbap and fresh Korean strawberries – while he was putting on his shoes. Oh, it was such a mad rush this morning! After he left, I had to clean up and get ready to take Mother-in-law for her eye check-up. I didn’t even have time for breakfast!



  1. whitelotv says

    Indeed, your hubby is a lucky man!
    What surprises me though is the fact that he doesn’t mind bringing a lunch box to office? I know for one my hubby would never do that… can’t get past the possible ribbing from colleagues lah =p

    • says

      Hi whitelotv,
      If you make a lunch box for your hubby, I’m sure his co-workers will be green with envy! They might rib him, but secretly they’ll be wishing they’re in his shoes. 🙂

      At the beginning, Rick was also somewhat shy to bring a lunch box to work, but lately, he’s been pestering me to do it on a more frequent basis!