Hubby’s breakfast #002: Crispy pork floss sandwich

Crispy pork floss sandwiched between two slices of Gardenia white bread.

This is a quick and tasty breakfast sandwich. Just butter two slices of white sandwich bread, spread crispy pork floss generously over one slice, and cover with the other.

In case you’re wondering, I bought the pork floss from Bee Cheng Hiang (S$5.00 for a 100g pack).

They have several variations. I prefer the mildly crispy kind, which is in-between the traditional non-crispy pork floss and a super crispy one. I think the non-crispy type has a boring texture, whereas the super crispy one is too hard, hence more suitable for snacking.

Isn't Frostee an ice cream?

BTW, I’m still scratching my head over this weird product name. Krispee Frostee?? What has Frostee got to do with pork floss?