Hubby’s breakfast #001: Char siew bao

Char siew bao 叉烧包, S$0.70 each from Tiong Bahru Pau

Starting today, I’ll put up short posts of hubby’s daily breakfast (prepared by me, of course).

Today’s breakfast – char siew bao from Tiong Bahru Pau. Bought these two days ago from the branch at People’s Park Complex (Blk 32, New Market Road, #01-1038, People’s Park Cooked Food Centre, Singapore 050032). Took them out of the fridge and steamed for 15 minutes. The filling is fragrant and luscious, with good dough-to-filling ratio.



  1. says

    one of the better char xiu bao in singapore.. havent tasted tanjong rhu pao.. which a lot of singaporean are saying is better

  2. Derrick Yeo says

    the pau u kept in the fridge or in the freezer ? any special container to keep the pau ?

    can share method of reheating pau that u keep in the fridge ? can microwave ?

    thanks in advance julia !

    • says

      Derrick, since we were just storing the pau for 2 days, I put it in the fridge. No special container, just use the plastic bag or styrofoam box that they provide. Don’t think microwaving is a good idea. Best to re-heat by steaming in a wok, that way the dough will be really fluffy and moist, and the filling thoroughly heated through.

      • derrick says

        i dont have a steamer, was wondering to ask u where is the best place to get one

        i also realised that one way of deep frying food (like chicken wings) is to steam them first to ensure they are cooked, and then deep fry quickly,

        sigh, need to go down to chinatown to find one i guess

      • says

        Being kepo a bit,

        Some alternatives of heating up pau other than steaming in a wok:

        1) Previously, when I had the one function only microwave oven, I had this plastic steamer that has two layers. The bottom layer is for water. Microwaving the pau that way did not dry them up.

        If not, just put a mug half filled with water inside the microwave with the pau.

        In a microwave, you got to control the time. A few seconds too long, and the pau turns rock hard!

        2) About a year ago, I got this Panasonic 4-in-1 awasewaza oven, there’s a steam + microwave function. Sis uses this method to steam food. But I prefer the auto reheat that allows me to set exactly what temp to reheat the food till! (yes, sounds science fiction but it’s true!) That works very well.

        3) If you have the Conventional rice cooker (not the modern “jug” kind), you can put a plate inside it, fill in some water below it and turn it on. It works fine too. (or use the steamer attachment if it comes with it)