Hubby’s breakfast #017: Calzone from Peck (Takashimaya)

Chicken calzone, S$2.10 each.

Ok, have lost count of hubby’s breakfasts, let’s just resume at a random number. 😉 Located at Takashimaya’s B2 Food Village, Peck is the Milanese equivalent of Paris’s Hediard. However, their freshly baked focaccia and ciabattas seem to be more popular than their tiny selection of pricey gourmet Italian pasta, oils, vinegars, and jams. Most… 

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No more breakfast for hubby?

D-Plus Natural Yeast Bread (pumpkin), S$1.20

Rick and I had a lovers’ spat, so I stopped making brekkie for him! That’s why no breakfast posts these 2 weeks. Nah, just kidding, heh! Like a dutiful wife, I still make/buy brekkie daily. Just that some days, breakfast was boring stuff like plain bread + jam. So I’ll just round up some of… 

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