Concorde Hotel – Preview of Lunar New Year 2010 Reunion Dinner Buffet

Peranakan yu sheng 鱼生

I was invited by Concorde Hotel, Singapore, to preview their Lunar New Year reunion dinner buffet offerings. This was my first lo-hei (which is 捞起 in Cantonese) of the year, and I must say I really liked it. This Peranakan-style yu sheng is a new dish created by Baba Jolly. If you remember, I blogged about their Peranakan lunch buffet, which proved to be so popular that they extended it. It’s still ongoing!

Dressing, oil, crushed peanut & roasted sesame seeds for the yu sheng

Actually, the ingredients for the yu sheng is similar to the usual version, but what makes it special is the addition of jellyfish, as well as a specially created Peranakan-influenced dressing. Composed mainly of plum sauce, sambal belachan, lime juice, chopped lime leaves, rojak flower, and coriander, I was surprised at how well all these ingredients came together.

The dressing is aromatic, piquant and refreshing, and really wakes up the tastebuds! Also, I liked the balance of herbs and flavors. They were distinct and yet didn’t overpower one another. I’m not a big fan of yu sheng, but this time, I found myself going for second and third rounds!

Salmon & ikan parang for the yu sheng

Can’t decide between ikan parang or salmon for the yu sheng? How about the best of both worlds? Traditionally, ikan parang is used for yu sheng, but salmon seems to be the more popular choice these days. What a great idea to combine both!

For the reunion dinner buffet, each table will get their own platter of yu sheng to lo-hei, but the rest of the dishes are presented buffet-style. However, for this preview tasting session, the dishes were presented ala carte.

Braised Shark's Fin with Crab Meat & Scallop

As I don’t eat shark’s fin (for ethical reasons), I requested for a bowl without it. The above picture was my partner’s bowl. Tastes like your typical shark’s fin soup, but the crab meat and scallop bits were chunky and the soup not too starchy, thankfully.

Ho See & Fatt Choy with (Wong Bok) Cabbage

Yums, another dish I enjoyed immensely. Again, I’m not usually a fan of ho see (dried oyster), but here, they were beautifully braised, fat and succulent, without a strong fishy smell. The wong bok cabbage and fatt choy were cooked till nice and soft.

Braised Goose with Chinese Herbs

I liked the braising sauce, for they didn’t overdo the Chinese herbs. But I’d have liked this a lot better if they’d gone with duck instead of goose. However, the chef explained that they used goose as it is more highly prized (and priced) and not something we eat on a regular basis.

Sesame Pork Rib coated with Coffee Caramel

Mmm, this was really good! I loved the tender pork rib that had some bite to it, and its sticky bittersweet coating.

Poached Red Garoupa Fillet with Kim Hwa Ham

The garoupa fillets were fresh and smooth, but I felt the sauce overwhelmed the delicate fish. Personally, I think the best way to do justice to red garoupa is to steam it whole, but I guess that’s not a viable option for a buffet.

Assorted Waxed Meats in Fragrant Fried Rice

Being a rice lover, I was happy to see that the carbo dish was fried rice wrapped in fragrant lotus leaves. It was more than decent, with the scent of waxed meats and dried shrimp, though it wouldn’t hurt with more waxed meats. 🙂

Nian Gao 年糕

Our meal ended with pan-fried nian gao (sticky sweet rice cake), and also……

Walnut Cream Mango Pudding

…this refreshing cold mango pudding. For the actual reunion buffet, there’ll be more dessert items, such as red bean pancake, bread & butter pudding, chocolate truffle cake, and durian Swiss roll (I like!), amongst many others.

For the main courses, there are also other dishes that will be served besides those we previewed.

I know that for families that choose to dine out for their reunion dinner, most opt for Chinese banquet-style dinners. But having buffet isn’t a bad idea either, as you can try out more dishes, and go back for more of those you like.

Another good thing is that for Concorde Hotel’s reunion dinner buffet, there isn’t any time constraint. For most Chinese restaurants, on Lunar New Year’s Eve, they’ll have two, or even three seatings for dinner, which means you have to follow a strict time policy and can’t linger over your meal.

So, if you’re tempted, here are the details. I believe there are still some vacancies on Lunar New Year’s Eve, do call to enquire ASAP if you’re interested. For reservations, call: 6739 8370 or 6733 8855 ext. 8133

Chinese New Year’s Eve Reunion Buffet Dinner (Sat, 13 Feb, 2010):

Spices Cafe
S$59++ per adult, S$29++ per child, S$49++ per grandparent
*One complimentary platter of salmon & ikan parang yu sheng
*One complimentary glass of wine or beer, and free flow soft drinks

S$49++ per adult, S$24++ per child, S$39++ per grandparent
*One complimentary platter of salmon & ikan parang yu sheng
*Free flow soft drinks

*18% discount for DBS/POSB, UOB, U Card, and Uplus cardmembers if you book and pay before Sunday, 7th February, 2010
*10% discount for DBS/POSB, UOB, U Card, and Uplus cardmembers
*No further discount for grandparent

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  1. Betty says

    This Chinese New Year Fish Salad dish I seen last year on the travel channel was so interesting. My nephew’s wife from Singapore make it wwith smoke salmon. in San Francisco.