Rite Pizza

Whipping up dinner for my dear friends – Camemberu, Derrick, Hungry Cow, Keropokman and Momo – was something I truly enjoyed (and something I’d gladly do again), but the next day, I was totally pooped. Hey, what a great excuse to hang up the apron and call for pizza!

Actually, I’d also been wanting to try out Domino’s, but alas…

“I’m sorry, ma’am, your address is out of our delivery radius”.

Aww, shucks. Oh well, that just means falling back on our regular pizza delivery service: Rite Pizza.

Hawaiian pizza, 10" regular

So far, of the numerous pizza delivery services in Singapore, we’ve found Rite Pizza to be pretty decent.

The crust is not too thick nor too thin.

They have two kinds of crust – hand-tossed or thin crust. Usually, we go for “hand-tossed” as we find the “thin crust” too crispy and biscuit-like. The “hand-tossed” dough is fairly soft and chewy, and the thickness is about just right.

Pepperoni pizza, 10" regular.

Rich and hearty, I like their tomato sauce, too. Also, they are quite generous with the toppings, especially for the premium range (chicken, beef, seafood). This time, we ordered from the Rite Savers range for a change.

Peppery pepperoni = nice kick.

Mmm, not bad, but I remember the premium range as being more shiok (psst, Summer Choice and Autumn Classic are worth checking out). Not so much toppings and mozarella this time, and the dough seemed a tad drier than usual. But overall, still better than 62-35-35-35, IMHO!

Do the "rite" thing!

Prices start from S$21.00 for two 10-inch regular pizzas. Prices listed are nett, so no GST to inflate the bill, but I’m not sure if ERP charges are absorbed. For the full menu, check out their website. Details as follows:

Rite Pizza
Delivery hotline: 6899 3838
Open: 10.30am – 10.30pm (last order 10.15pm)

URL: www.rite-pizza.com



  1. Betty says

    The Hawaiian Star is my family always order pizza. I like pesto chicken one and mushrooms with olives vegi one too. In San Francisco it hard to decide when there so many pizza places out there.

  2. summer says


    Saw the salad you prepared for your friends. I know its your secret recipe and all but can u roughly tell me how the thai dressing is made? If can’t, it’s ok.


    • says

      Hi summer,

      It isn’t any secret recipe at all. I used bottled plum sauce, then mixed in some Thai sweet chilli sauce and fresh lemon juice to taste. You can add a bit of water to lighten the dressing so it can be easily drizzled over the prawn and fruit. Can also add a few drops of sesame oil for fragrance.

  3. says

    Love it! I don’t know why pizza in the US is so completely different than what they have in Asia. Pizza in Singapore is some how much much better than the ones here in the US.

    • Jere says

      ‘Pizza in Singapore is some how much much better than the ones here in the US’

      – u gotta be kidding right