Cafe de Hong Kong

Happy 2010, everyone! Hope you all had a great start to the new year! 😀

Regrettably, I missed posting on the first day of the year, cos I was sick in bed. 🙁 But my appetite’s coming back now. 🙂 2009 was a year of wonderful foodie finds and new makan kakis. Let’s keep them coming in 2010!

Deep-fried Fish Skin, S$10.00

But first, let’s look back on the last fabulous meal of 2009. Derrick rounded up 2 more of his foodie friends and the four of us pigged out at Cafe de Hong Kong. Lots of pics, so comments will be brief.

The feast started with these incredibly light and crispy fish skin crisps, made from the skin of wolf herring (aka 西刀鱼 or ikan parang). Very addictive, especially when dipped in mayo and sweet chilli sauce!

Steamed Seabass with Spicy Sauce, S$24.00

Relatively fresh seabass covered in a taucheo-based chilli sauce. A bowl of steamed rice would be the perfect accompaniment, but we resisted the carbo filler for there were many more dishes to come.

Coffee Spare Ribs, S$11.00

Juicy fried pork chops coated with caramel-like sauce that has a tinge of bitterness from coffee, the only complaint I have is that there wasn’t enough to go round!

Roast Chicken (half portion),

This is one of their signature dishes, and has to be ordered in advance. The skin was very crispy, but I wish the meat could have been juicier.

Steamed "Coral" Tofu, S$10.00

We had two tofu dishes – both are made in-house.

Silky soft tofu topped with fish roe, shrimp, and minced pork

If I could only have one, it’d be the steamed version named “Coral Tofu”. Mmm…it’s so silky soft, like tau huay! And the toppings in gravy are so umami-licious!

Supreme Tofu, S$12.00

The Supreme Tofu is another signature dish. There’s some crushed spinach on each rectangle of fried silken tofu, which is then topped with sliced scallop and a rich sauce. Very nice indeed, but I thought a tad pricey at S$3.00 per piece.

Fish Roe Fried Rice, S$10.00

Oh, the fish roe fried rice is truly gorgeous, you must try this if you come to Cafe de Hong Kong! Very tasty, lots of wok hei (wok breath), and the tobiko going “pop, pop!” in the mouth is just sensational!

Diced Seafood Fried Rice, S$10.00

In comparison, the seafood fried rice, which uses only egg white, is the more genteel counterpart of the richer fish roe rice. But there’s also plenty of crunch from chopped broccoli stem, which gave a refreshing edge. I enjoyed both fried rice just as much, thank goodness Derrick had the ingenuity to order both!

Chinese spinach with 3 types of eggs, S$10.00

This is a popular veggie dish, now available in most Chinese restaurants and zi char. A rather decent rendition here, although I’d have preferred the spinach to have been simmered longer and the salted egg yolks more powdery.

French toast with peanut butter, S$4.80

We tried to resist dessert, but resistance was futile, especially when it was a combo of eggy bread, luscious butter, sweet honey, and sticky peanut butter.

Perfect with a cup of hot milky "yuan yang"

So decadent, but as we all know, sinful food tastes extra delicious. Well, at least we exercised restraint – four of us shared one order – so we didn’t have to feel so guilty, heh!

Overall, my first impression of Cafe de Hong Kong: More than decent zi char-style food, but slightly more upmarket as the setting is air-conditioned comfort. The seasoning is light so the natural flavors can be tasted, food is not excessively oily, and very importantly, I could hardly detect the use of MSG, which is a BIG plus in my books.

Cafe de Hong Kong is especially popular with wine lovers because of its BYO and free corkage policy. The owner, Francis Mak, a wine lover himself, generously provides high-end Mikasa wine glasses.

Cafe de Hong Kong is a great find and definite keeper. We tried out lots of dishes, and I’d love to come back another day to see what other yummy offerings there are on the menu.

The total bill was S$127.10 for 4 persons after miscellaneous charges for beverages and taxes.

Thanks, Derrick, for organizing and the lovely Shiraz!

Cafe de Hong Kong
586 Balestier Road
#01-01 Eastpac Building
Singapore 329898
Tel: (65) 6255 3865

Tue to Sun: 11:30am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 12am
Closed on Mondays



  1. says

    I’m always looking for good hongkong style food and this place is pretty interesting. Besides the usual hongkong bites, they have an interesting range of Zi Char items!

    THeir French toasts looks really good though! Going to mark it down and have it sometime soon! 🙂

    • Derrick says

      cafe de hk is one of my fav eats, glad to share this gem of a cantonese cze char with my frens. Catherine, i will organize another one very soon, with julia and a few others who havent tried it yet

  2. Betty says

    Julia, glad you are better now. Here in San Francisco have been so cold lately. Around 30 degree to me that cold. Like the tofu dishes showed look so good and deep fried fish skins. Wonder if other type of fish skins could be use instead?

    • says

      Hi Betty, I presume you’re saying it’s 30 deg F? That’s about -1 deg C! Brrr…!

      I’m not sure if other kinds of fish skin could be used. That’s certainly an interesting question! I’ll try to find out and let you know! 😀