Lunch @ Braise


A sign of good things to come.

Has it been eight years already? How time flies. So, where should we celebrate another year of wedded bliss? Naturally, the stressful task of choosing the perfect venue fell on the foodie’s shoulders (mine, who else?).

As we had to attend a workshop that night, I suggested taking the day off to indulge in a leisurely lunch in Sentosa island, a spot far away from town where crazy crowds would be thronging the malls doing last-minute Christmas shopping.

Rosemary & dried tomato roll

Rosemary & dried tomato roll

For lunch, Braise offers only a set lunch menu. There are 4 choices each for appetizer and main course, and 3 for dessert. The 3-course set lunch includes coffee or tea. At S$38++ (S$45++ with foie gras), it’s reasonably priced given the caliber of the food, service, and setting.

The humble bread roll was a prime example of high standards at Braise. It was brought to us piping hot, as if freshly baked out of the oven. The exterior was wonderfully light and crusty, while the pillowy soft interior, still steamy hot, was deliciously scented with rosemary and dried tomato.

Even the luscious butter was of the perfect spreading consistency! When the wait staff offered us more bread, we were tempted but declined so as to save tummy space for the rest of the meal.

Hokkaido scallop

Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallop with Apple and Avocado Cream

Rick’s appetizer arrived in the form of 6 dainty scallops, each with a dollop of apple and avocado cream. The scallops were seared to the perfect doneness, but not as sweet or succulent as I’d envisioned. But it was a great idea to lighten the avocado puree with apple, creating an overall light, mildly sweet and tangy effect.

Duck ravioli

Ravioli of Duck Medley with Mustard Beurre Blanc

While the scallops didn’t make a big impression, we were floored by the brilliant duck ravioli. Silky soft sheets of thin pasta encased pulled shreds of smoky, braised duck that was just bursting with flavor. The light, creamy beurre blanc (white butter sauce) had just the mildest hint of mustard, and complemented the gorgeous duck dumplings brilliantly.

Duck confit

Duck Leg Confit, Braised Savoy Cabbage and Duck Jus

More duck, this time in the form of a boneless crispy duck confit. The skin was beautifully crisp, but the meat was quite tough and a little dry. Actually, this was my first crispy duck confit. I’d been dying to try this famed dish, but it wasn’t as moist or tender as the descriptions I’ve read.


Roasted Venison Leg, Mushroom Stew with Chocolate Spice Sauce

On the other hand, Rick’s venison was excellent. He requested a medium doneness, and it was faultlessly executed. The meat was meltingly smooth like butter. Just as good was the velvety mushroom. Rick happily declared this to be his favorite dish of the meal.

Chocolate fondant

Chocolate Fondant, Orange Zest, Vanilla Ice Cream

Desserts were safe but fail-proof crowd pleasers like this chocolate fondant, garnished with gingery sweet orange zest strips and served with real vanilla bean ice cream.

Molten lava...

Molten chocolate lava is so seductive.

A tap of the spoon cracked the crisp chocolate shell for molten bittersweet chocolate to gush forth. Ooh, this is one sexy dessert!

Lemon tart

Lemon Tart, Passion Fruit with Banana Ice Cream

I didn’t enjoy the lemon tart as much, due to its overly hard pastry. The lemon curd was also too sharp for the tastebuds. Luckily the ice cream took some of the astringency off.

Although the menu on its website stated “banana ice cream”, it tasted more like vanilla ice cream to me. Maybe they switched. Not that I mind, it was really awesome vanilla bean ice cream.

Although there were a couple of hiccups, there were definitely more hits than misses. Braise is tastefully decorated with a modern chic theme, with full-length windows that look out onto the beach and natural light streaming in through tall glass panels in the roof in the day.

The wait staff are also thoughtful and attentive without being obtrusive. We found out later that they’d deducted our admission charges of S$2.00 per person from the bill without being asked.

The restaurant was only half-filled during lunch. Well, not many people have time to travel all the way to Sentosa for lunch on a weekday, I guess. But I’ve heard that Braise is extremely popular during dinner, and is often fully booked. If you have time to spare, or wish to try out Braise at a more affordable menu, I highly recommend their set lunch. The dishes are rotated from time to time.

For directions on how to get to Sentosa island, click here. By public transport, a convenient way would be to board the Sentosa Express at VivoCity (the ticketing booth is just next to Food Republic’s entrance, level 3).

60 Palawan Beach Walk
Level 2
Singapore 098498
Tel: (65) 6271 1929


Click here to view and download Braise’s menu.



  1. Derrick Yeo says

    julia, for proper duck confit , i suggest going to au petit salut or Sage.

    congrats on 8yrs of lovely marriage !

    • says

      Hi Derrick,
      Incidentally, Au Petit Salut and Sage are on my must-try list too! I’ll certainly try their duck confit, thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

  2. says

    8 years!! Has it been that long? Hehe. Blessed Anniversary!
    Despite the hiccups, am sure both of you were enjoying each other’s company. So the hiccups doesnt matter 🙂