Tried & Tested feature: Wanton mee


Confesssion: I’m an exceedingly fussy wanton mee eater! So far, I haven’t found any place that satisfies all my criteria for the perfect wanton mee, namely:

  1. Noodles must be springy, stay springy, clump-free, and most importantly, not have any lingering taste of alkaline/lye water;
  2. Preferably, the char siew used is the HK-style roasted type, rather than the wholesale-supplied type that’s dyed an artificial red;
  3. The wantons should have a good meat-to-skin ration, and the filling should be firm and tasty.

That’s why you don’t see many wanton mee posts on my blog. But the latest assignment re-ignited my passion for wanton mee, because I discovered an eatery that fulfills all my conditions for a lip-smacking wanton mee! Where is it? Click here to find out!