Tried & Tested feature: Ice kachang


Ice kachang is one of our favorite local desserts. It can be found in nearly every food centre and food courts, but unfortunately, many versions don’t do justice to this delightfully refreshing treat. Here’s a comparison of ice kachang from five highly recommended stalls!



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    Your feature article is something I will not missed… Really interesting to see contrasting reviews of the same food and make it so easy to use it as a quick guide to satisfy cravings…

    But sad to say, I always end up reading them in my office and my comments just refuse to publish…

    Talking about Ice Kachang, there is on that leaves a very deep impression which is the AJ ice… That huge ice kachang can be shared among 3 and I adore the chocolate drizzle and watermelon balls which makes it so not authentic… But ever since the renovation or closure of the food centre, I don’t know where is the stall…

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      Hi Fen, thanks for your support! 😀 Hmm, it’s strange that you can’t publish your comments on my blog in the office. I wonder if there are others with the same issue…?

      Where is this AJ ice? Sounds intriguing! I don’t mind not so authentic ice kachang, so long as it tastes yums!

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    Hello Julia, I was browsing for crab dinner via Goggle came across your site. Very nice and interesting. Love the dishes you have posted.
    My mon was a Nyonya lady, and thus my love of Nyonya food.
    The last time I ate ice kachang in Singapore was at Bugis street in late ’70s.
    Yes, that long ago. Sure miss it.
    But the Penang ones pun boleh tahan.
    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

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      Hi Uncle Lee, thanks for your encouragement! Bugis Street is now very different from the 70s. I do hope you can visit Singapore again, and try the delicious food here. 🙂