Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine (Great World City)

Roast pork

Imperial Treasure is a well-known chain of Chinese restaurants in Singapore. This is their flagship outlet, which specializes in fine-dining Cantonese cuisine. In the few times I’ve been here, I’ve always been impressed by the caliber and consistent standard of their cooking. In fact, I’d say what they serve here is as good as what… 

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Confesssion: I’m an exceedingly fussy wanton mee eater! So far, I haven’t found any place that satisfies all my criteria for the perfect wanton mee, namely: Noodles must be springy, stay springy, clump-free, and most importantly, not have any lingering taste of alkaline/lye water; Preferably, the char siew used is the HK-style roasted type, rather… 

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Subway @ Harbourfront Centre

Eat fresh!

I remember that when Subway first started out in Singapore, it was met with cool reception. Firstly, we were more into rice and noodles rather than sandwiches. Secondly, who would want to pay 5 bucks for just a sandwich when we could have a full meal (main course + beverage) at the hawker centre or… 

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Cute clip: Feeding a kitty with chopsticks!

OMG! Isn’t this Persian kitten so very cute? Kawaii ne! Lest you think the cat owner is doing this for fun, she’s actually “gluteus training” the kitten, ie. training the kitten to sit upright by balancing on the buttock muscles (the largest of which is the “gluteus maximus”). Those who say cats cannot be trained… 

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Ootoya 大戶屋

Sweet sour chicken

Ok, I’m going to come right out and declare, “I love Ootoya!” Admittedly, I was initially skeptical over glowing reviews of this new teishoku (rice-based set meal) chain from Japan. But now, all I can think of is, “When shall I go to Ootoya again?” You’re not going to find sushi, sashimi, or ramen here…. 

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Yes, I know, instant noodles has an unsavory rep for being unhealthy. I don’t eat it often myself, maybe only once a month or two, but there’s always a pack in the kitchen larder for “emergency” purpose. As with all foods, as long as we eat in moderation and have more fruit and vegetables daily,… 

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