Funan Weng: Ipoh hor fun set meal

Ipoh hor fun with prawn & chicken

Ipoh hor fun with prawn & chicken

The newly refurbished Maxwell Chambers, which is located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT (and near hubby’s office), houses a number of new F&B outlets. When we were there about three weeks ago, not all were opened yet. Among those already in operation is Funan Weng, which specializes in Ipoh hor fun.

Set meal of hor fun, dumpling soup, and vegetables with oyster sauce.

Set meal of hor fun, dumpling soup, and vegetables with oyster sauce.

Rick and I both tried the signature prawn & chicken Ipoh hor fun set meal, which is usually S$7.80, but was at a promotional price of S$6.90.

Comparisons with my favorite Ipoh hor fun specialist Lee Tong Kee were inevitable. Mmm…I’d say it’s almost as good as Lee Tong Kee’s (LTK)! The hor fun here is sufficiently smooth, soft, and silky, but LTK’s hor fun seems to be slightly superior when it comes to that melt-in-the-mouth quality.

But when it comes to size, Funan Weng offers more value as portions here are more substantial. They’re generous with the toppings, too. There’s a good amount of tender boiled chicken and big, fresh prawns. The gravy wasn’t spectacular, but it was flavorful without leaving one feeling thirsty after the meal.

Shrimp dumpling

Gourmet Dumpling Soup

We were also impressed with the shrimp dumpling soup. See, there’s a whole prawn in the dumpling! It tasted fresh and homely, and the soup didn’t taste artificially tasty.

Bibs for big babies!

Bibs for big babies!

Rick and I had a good laugh when we saw this sign on the table. Shortly after, Rick’s shirt “kena” a gravy stain. Hahaha! Lucky for him we were here for dinner, so home was the next stop. I must say the owners of Funan Weng are very thoughtful to offer bibs for “accident-prone” diners. But I wonder how many actually take up the offer?

Delicious horfun, nice portions, good value, and comfy setting, there was a lot that we liked about this place. It’s a self-service joint, and prices are nett. According to their website, Funan Weng has a long history. They used to be a hawker stall, but have now gone upmarket, but still remains affordable. Click here for their history and menu.

Funan Weng
32 Maxwell Road
#01-07 Maxwell Chambers
Singapore 069115
Tel: 6238 5038

Mon to Sat: 11am – 9:30pm
Closed on Sun & public holidays



  1. Betty says

    Julia, your photo of it look so yummy. How the sauce with it? Is it like shrimp or chicken flavor?

    • says

      Hi Betty, nice to see you again! 🙂 The sauce just tastes savoury, try to imagine oyster sauce and soy sauce flavors together. It’s not too salty or sweet, and also not too starchy.