Carl’s Jr.

Naughty lunch!

It's gonna get messy...

This is priceless! Rick and I had a hoot taking this pic while waiting for our food to ermm, come.

Super Star

Super Star with cheese.

Actually, this meal took place some time ago, so I can’t remember the prices. All I can remember is that hubby snuck out of the office for a quickie lunch date. He was hungry for meat and buns, heh!


Char-broiled Chicken Club Sandwich.

Among the various fast food chains, I must say that Carl’s Jr has the best burgers. But we don’t eat there often as it’s pricey. Fast food isn’t that healthy either. So we only indulge once in a while! 🙂


Onion rings and fries.

Their thick-cut fries and onion rings are pretty satisfying as well. The crumbs for the onion rings could be lighter, but look, there’s real onion! It sure beats Burger King’s onion rings!

Click here for the listing of Carl’s Jr. outlets in Singapore.



  1. Betty says


    When it come to hamburger I am die hard for basic burger with lettuce and tomato, catup, mustard and mayo. I try other type but always ended up with the regular one. Never try the teriyaki hamburger Carl Jr have even I from Hawaii which we call it teri burger.

  2. says

    naughty naughty, 69, quickie eh? *teehee*

    its been so long since i had their burgers, but i like them!! hv u tried their chilli beef fries? quite good but taste like our curry powder.

    i miss eating & chatting with you. lets do it one of these days, just the two of us 🙂

  3. erina says

    The beef fries are on the salty side, but still good.

    The next time anyone goes to Carl’s Jr, they should really try the fried zucchini. It’s probably the most underrated item in the Carl’s Jr menu. For the many times I had it, it never went wrong. $3.70, a little ex, but very worth it.

    However recently some CJ restaurants run out of them. =( but you can still try, I had mine recently at Marina Square.